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Career in Animation

Hello everyone. Here is my situtation. 

I attended a school that had a computer animation program. Unfortunately, the program closed during my sophomore year. I selected a program that had no relation to animation, but I manage to sequeeze some drawing and design classes. What are ways to break into animation without building a road of debt?

 I developed skills in character design and I love to make comics. 

Here is what I draw...

Please, provide honest opinions and advice! 

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Nice work. I am not in the

Nice work. I am not in the industry but one of things I keep hearing here is to keep working on your drawing. Build up a portfolio of your best work and always comb out your weaker material. 

Thanks for your tip!

Thanks for your tip!

Hi Sora,

Hi Sora,

Loved your work, you seem to be a passionate in animation industry. Why don't you go ahead and take some advanced animation courses. 

I am a student from Animaster Academy in bangalore.  Check out our animation videos made by me and my friends.

Hope you'll like it and get inspired as well.


Youtube Channel:

Check out our college here

They even offer animation courses online and their pricing is cheaper compared to others

The Animator Letters Project

I believe you would find many of the answers you are looking for by reading the letters on The Animator Letters Project website. Professional animators have shared their stories about how they broke into the industry, how they overcame roadblocks, and their encouragement and advice for others looking to pursue their dream of becoming an animator. So much wisdom and inspiration is found in the letters. Please let me know what you think. :-)

Willie Downs, Creator and Editor, The Animator Letters Project,


 I saw your work preety good as you know in this indutry its always more to learn daily updated softwares trends so my suggestion is to look up for the good course and study the things more deep which will definetly help you to pursue your career.


Nice Work, I saw your work. Working in an animation field really gives you a lot of ways to show your skills.