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Looking for software to draw and make notes directly on video file.

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Looking for software to draw and make notes directly on video file.

Hello all.

I ahev not written here in a great many years, and don't even know of the popularity of this forum any more.  Maybe nobody even comes here to talk cartoons any longer, but I thought I would try anyway, as I don't know who else may be able to answer my question.

I am an animation director, and I have been searching for a software in which I can easily import video content, and draw over that content, pointing out errors, and how to fix them?  I remember a few years ago using one such software, but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me, and "the Google" is of no help.  Does anyone know of the software I am speaking of?  It was free, adn I believe I was able to draw/write with my stylus/tablet on a seperate layer, thus leaving the original video intact.

Should you know of this software, I would greatly apprecuiate the name of it.

Thanks a ton!


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Hey Wade, welcome back!

Hey Wade, welcome back!

I don't know about free, but I do know that ToonBoom Harmony can do that, as well as Flash.  And if you can get your hands on Flash CS3 even better.  That version lets you import quicktimes and avi's directly.  The current versions you have to convert them with Adobe Encoder.  Hope that helps.


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I have seen annotation

I have seen annotation software but not sure about any titles. Try googleing with the word annotation.