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Hy guys. I'm Deb, i'm a law student but i love animation, so i' m learning at home online, with an workshop online. I want to buy a book too, but i want your advice first, because i don't have so much money to spend... What do you recommend me??

Thx a lot.

Take a look at "Animation

Take a look at "Animation Survival kit".

Hi Anna,

Hi Anna,

Welcome to AWN and the world of animation.  There are a ton of free tutorials you can find online, but for beginers I always recogmend The Animators Workbook by Tony White, and/or Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair.  These books have been around a while and can be found at most book stores that carry animation books.  Both of these books have all the basic animation principles covered, and even after 15 years in the industry, I'll still go back and reference them now and then.  The Animator's Survival Kit is a great book, but I feel it's a bit too advanced for beginiers.  It is great for building upon the lessons you learn first in the Tony White and Preston Blair books.


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