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Color Calibration

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Color Calibration


In our collaborative animation project, my partner uses IMac and I use Gigabyte P25 laptop. In the post-production phase, we tried to calibrate our screens. No matter how much we tried our screens do not look similar. Also, my friend's İmac looks too bright but it is not something linked to screen brightness, it is shining. Maybe my screen is too desaturated.

Do you have any suggestion about how we should calibrate those 2 screens? And which one of our screen is the closest the true one? When we calibrate with the built in tools, my friend's screen is yellowish, mine is bluish...

Thank you,

Are you using Spyder to

Are you using Spyder to calibration your screens?

No we are little bit in a

No we are little bit in a hurry and our budget is limited. Can't we use a software to do this?

The expense of buying is a

The expense of buying is a one time expense so you can keep the different screens and printer calibrated. There are some videos on YouTube but it will take me a while to find them.