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online animation school;s

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online animation school;s

Hi guys,

I am wanting to study 3d animation online, mainly character animation and if possible, a focus on creature animation.
i have visited a host of schools and browsed through all the programs. I have narrowed down my options to:

Animation Mentor
CG Tarain
Rocket Sky 

I have gone through many forums but I remain thoroughly confused.

If anyone has any personal experiance that may guide me to the best choice,. please let me know


I think that there are

I think that there are counselor at most of the schools.

Animation online

I heard good things about this website-3d animation online. Take a look over that. They have a book too. I buyed last week this-  Animate That-, this book with simple words helped me to understand the principles of animation. 

I'll finish the book and i'll write you my opinion about this.

Site not working for me

Site not working for me

I have the same

I understand that choosing the right online school to learn 3D animation can be tricky. I myself have come across this, but unfortunately nothing has worked out for me in this area. Now I'm studying to be an economist and I have to ask to write an essay for money because it's hard for me, I use for this. I'm not very happy with what I'm doing, but now I have absolutely no time and no choice. You need to finish your studies and start working. I wish everyone else good luck!

Thats what I need

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