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Auto-Feed Scanner Recommendation

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Auto-Feed Scanner Recommendation


I want to buy auto-feed scanner for our animation film project. We are drawing 15 fps and now have 2000 papers to scan. I have Canon Lide 210 and takes too much time to scan papers. Since I live in Turkey, there is a few options that I could buy. I searched that Brother MFC-6490 is recommended but it is not avaliable here. I could find Canon Image Formula DR-C120. However I am not sure that it would be the right choice. I think that scanner is commonly used for scanning documents, not art projects. It says it can scan 600 dpi but it doesn't say anything about color or image quality. So does anyone have idea about Canon DR-C120? Or any other recommendations for auto-feed scanner?

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This webpage has the brochure

This webpage has the brochure for th DR-C120. Looking at it now, I can see that it does color at 20ppm and has a daily duty cycle of 1,500 scans pre day.

Here is the link:

Hello wontobe,

Hello wontobe,
My previous scanner was Canon Lide 120. as you can see the feautres it could scan 2400 x 4800dpi and I was really happy with the outcome. But now I want the same outcome or maybe even better, with an autofed scanner.

My concern is that this Autofed Scanner would not be as good as my previous one. Because it doesn't say anything specific about the color or resouliton in the webpage and its name is "document scanner". It seems like this scanner is for documents not high quality animation projects. Do you think this scanner would be as good as Canon Lide 120?

Thank you


Looking over the spec, again,

Looking over the spec, again, the autofed only goes to 600 dpi. The hand scanner, as you pointed out, does 2400dpi. If you are doing one sheet a minute, with your current scaner, you should be done with the 2000 cels in 33 hours. So maybe spending an hour a day for the next month is not too big of a headace.