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WHat program for 3d model videos?

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WHat program for 3d model videos?

I am in business developement / consulting and i want to make a short video to get a concept across.

Looking for a program where I can make a 3D model of a car drive from point a - b in a straight line. I want to add in 3D objects around it and possibly have the camera angle follow the car as it is moving. The whole video would be 3D models.

Which program would be best for this?

Any suggestions and explanations of such are greatly appreciated.

I would like to suggest you.

I would like to suggest you. Lumion enables anyone to create videos and graphics without any prior education. It’s a functional application to make stunning 3D Rendering yourself. You don’t need to outsource visualizations any more. This saves you time and money. All you need is a 3D Car model and Lumion is going to take care of the rest. I hope it would help you.


I am pretty good with programs. I'm pretty familiar with adobe software. 

I will give this a try.

Thank you.