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Questions From an Amateur Freelance Artist

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Questions From an Amateur Freelance Artist

I am an amateur artist currently working freelance on a storyboard project. I am volunteering for this project, as it is for a friend, so I will not be paid until after he raises the funds to have an animator produce it. He will be using my artwork to shop for animators and producers to fund it so I must produce some artwork before I am paid. (I understand that there is a possibility of it failing, but I am willing to do it for the experience alone.)

I am using his script (about 106 pages) to do all of the concept drawing, storyboarding and character development. He is looking to make around a 90 minute animated film which leaves me storyboarding about 7-8+ frames for every page of dialogue (about 700-800+ frames). But as I said before, I am only a freelance amateur (as of right now storyboarding this script on my own in a sketchbook... part time) and I am doing this for a friend. 

My question is, how many frames would I need to produce to ensure sufficient product for selling the film (as I am sure I will need to meet with the animator to collaborate with his ideas before it is finished)?

Should I attempt to finish the entire project before selling it? 

Any professional advice for an amateur in reguards to starting a career as a storyboard artist? I am willing to work for free if I have to, I am having a difficult time searching for work as I am unsure where to begin.

My skill is decent and could always use more improvement, but the length of this project is begining to take a toll on my quality of production. Any advice for improving endurance?

I am not in the business,

I am not in the business, from the posts that I have read, you should make a reel that does not last over 90 seconds.