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I am going to Art institutes in Sacramento this year and I was wondering if that would be a good choice of school to become an animator. I am skilled in many different aspects; I can draw, I can write, and I have over 300 voice impersonations which about 250 are mastered. I do stand up comedy just to learn what makes people laugh so I can apply it to my cartoons. I have a season of cartoons written out and ready to go. My dream is to put together a team of animators and one day get my season on Showtime or HBO. My only real scare/drawback is my lack of math skills. I do have a cartoon on Spike And Mikes Festival of Animation in 2010 so I'm confident my creativity is there. Spike invited me to do stand up for one of his shows close to my town which was a huge honor and I got a great response. I think my lack of math has been the one thing holding me back. Can anybody tell me what math skills I will need to know for this 4 year commitment? And again, am I choosing the right school?

Of everything required to be an animator, math is probably the least important. The only math I ever have to do is simple subtraction to make sure my frames line up right in flash. If you can do that you should be good to go.
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Oh thank you so much! You just gave me the confidence to take this the whole way. I'll see you at the top.

Do not for go learning Math. It is a tool that a trained person can wheel to make solutions out of problems. The foundation of math is the training of the mind to think about problems in different ways. Writing also gives people these same skills as will as the skill to express one own thought in a clear manner.

You may very well never directly use math in animation, by solving an equation. The skill set that encompasses math you will and current do use. Expand your skills, I see only benefits in the study of all disciplines. (except physical education, who needs that) :)

Just be sure you get lots of

Just be sure you get lots of drawing and drawing for animation, animal drawing, anatomy andclassical animation, as well as the computer programs.


I think it only needs a

I think it only needs a general understanding of mathematics and elementary calculations.

I was in a very similar

I was in a very similar situation. I went to art college but I lacked knowledge of mathematics. Of course, my specialty did not need any particularly complex skills, but there should be a general understanding. I started looking for help on the internet and came across this site for students. There are many math examples for free. With his help, I raised my knowledge of mathematics to the desired level and entered college.