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Floating text on animated background.

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Floating text on animated background.

Hi All, new here and new to animation. And by new I mean I've never done any

I have found an animated background of some clouds that runs in a loop. I would like some text to float along with the clouds. I have about 30 statements (all of the advantages of animated video). This will be used as a webpage when its finished.

I would like these to appear at the back of the screen and for them to move forward with the cloud. An effect you would often see with movie credits.

How easy/difficult is this to do? Also, how long might it take? What software would be best to use?

Any guidance would be great, I know nothing :)

Try PNZ Cloud based software for this issue


Try and through this Free Service you can Crop any part of image and then animate it. So technically the Text will be animated and will float in the background.