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13 episode web series needs animator

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13 episode web series needs animator


Me and my co-writer are working on the scripts for a 13 episode webseries. The characters are all stick figures, and the environments are simple. we have 5 scripts done, with the episodes being about 5 minutes long.

I am currently using inkscape and pencil for the animations, and its given it a stop motion like feel that I'm not very satisfied with, and I am not an animator so it is taking a long time. for every 2 scripts we get done I finish about 20 seconds of the animation.

We have a guy in london england working on the music for the series, and he's waiting for episode 1 so he can score it, but I am having issues.

Basically I need someone who can work well using inkscape and pencil to capture my vision for the series, or someone good with 3d animation that can blow my vision out of the water.

As for payment, we have to either get an episode aired online or get funds from a kick starter, both are waiting on an actual first episode. But either way we have 5 other series in the works so anyone who is willing to devote the time and effort into helping us will have more work down the line, and will be paid accordingly.

I've never contracted an animator before so I don't know if I included the proper info, or too much for that matter, but if you are interested or have any question you can contact me at or leave a post here.

I wanted to add that any kind of animation would be acceptable, it doesn't have to be the programs listed, it just has to flow and not take away from the story.

This is me selling it

In a world of stick figures, four heroes must unite to stop really really really bad stuff from happening. In a series where mayhem and calamity follow our heroes every steps, and a man can survive having a metal suit permanently welded to his body, we'll find a justice that can prevail, an evil that teeters on the ridiculous, and surprising large palm prints all over your forehead from all of the hilarity. Can our heroes summon the courage, fortitude and mental capacity to stand up against the tyranny of terror, or is the world truly doomed to parish under the footfalls of the foul. Find out.... as soon as I find an animator.

f you made it this far here is a link to the tumblr for the project, though the dates for release are wrong because the animations proved to be too much for me.

and here is my youtube where we have part of an animatic and even less of an animated scene for the first episode.


We have the scripts we just need a serious animator to help us pull this off.

You need to repost your Youtube link, it did not work for me.

Sorry about that I accidentally put a comma where a period should be.

You may want to check us out

You may want to check us out at  our studio specializes in Cartoon Series and Custom Animation.

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You may want to check us out

You may want to check us out at our studio specializes is Cartoon Series and Custom Animation.

Here is our contact us link