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Where to buy animation disk, paper, & cells?

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Where to buy animation disk, paper, & cells?

Hello everyone! My first post here...

I've been drawing cartoons my whole life and recently decided to begin animation. Can you recommend a place to shop for animation supplies that are reasonably priced? What should I expect to pay for an animation disk? And paper and cells that have registration holes punched in?

Also, can you recommend any great instruction books? Every animation book I find in local stores seems directed at children, chock full of basic info that I already learned twenty years ago.

You can try these guys too. I have found their prices much better than most places... I was unaware that they serve the international market. Thought they just sold to us Canucks, but alas, I was wrong...


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Used Animation Discs for Sale!

Flamdoodle Animation LLC has three (3) gently used animation discs that we are selling!

They are which retail for $300.

Ours are $190 ea.! Save a hundred bucks!

Email for more info.

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of the well-known material like the Animator's Survival Kit. Each time I read it I think I know what's going on and then realize after -doing- the work, I'll have had some sort of beneficial experience along the way that there's a tip or trick in that book that takes on a new light and actual meaning to me as far as improving my work.

There's a lot of unique and sage advice outside of books, that you'd get from education or mentorship or something as simple as people in forums like this helping out on a per-question or peer review basis...The other 95% is what you pick up through practice and experimentation.

Hi Deeper and welcome to the AWN Forums.

You can try for animation supplies. Most of the animaiton disks are all about the same price. If you want a good deal, look for people selling used disks.

As for books, I like The Animator's Workbook by Tony White, Cartoon Animaton by Preston Blair, as well as the Animator's Survival Kit that Scattered mentioned.

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You got a lot covered with these books there.

John K's blog is incredibly inspiring as well.

Definitely worth reading. I wouldn't be surprised if he put these articles together into a book sometime, because there is A LOT of amazing stuff in there.

But careful. He is one bitter guy. has good stuff as well and a few different disk solutions. He also sells three hole punch style pegs so you can use a regular punch and regular copy paper.

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Wow! Thank you all very much for the great info!

uber cheap disc...

just found via Google Alert: nice animation disc for $265!!!!

"Both models, the 12/16 field combo and the 16 field only, are priced at $265.00 each."

Google Alert helps me find oodles of other hard to find stuff i need! ^_^ just go and make a google account. i think easiest way is via gmail, cuz that's how they notify u of what they find.

happy shopping!