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Changing fields!

I recently graduated with a BFA in painting in December 2011, and I've been planning on applying for MFA painting programs this winter; I've been researching programs for the last eight months. The thing is, I've realized recently that I'm not as interested in teaching painting at the college level as I assumed I was, which is what an MFA in painting would ultimately make possible for me. I decided to research other ideas of what to pursue, and instantly animation came to mind. I've always been extremely intrigued and emotionally touched by animation, and I'd really love learning it as a craft and possibly developing a career from it. I figure that my fine arts background could really help!

But, I've been researching schools and application requirements constantly in the last couple of days since I've had this idea, and I have a few questions. If anyone has any advice to give, I'd be extremely appreciative.

I'm guessing that since I already have one BFA I don't necessarily need another one. Some MFA programs I've seen say on their websites that they accept people with undergrad degrees other than animation specifically. The idea of somehow getting accepted into a program without any animation experience or having taken any animation classes seems unrealistic to me, though. Do you think it would be better to go for another BFA instead so I could get all the foundations a great animator would need? Or would it be a better idea to learn as much as I can on my own without an animation BFA before my supposed grad program starts, if I manage to get accepted into one? I'm also concerned about not have a background in film studies. I know that a major point of animation is bringing characters to life, and I've always studied static paintings, sculptures, etc. in school.

Also, it seems that quite a few schools only offer BFAs in certain types of animation. Maybe I'd learn more if I focused on the content of the program instead of what type of degree it would be.

Basically, I feel like I'm running in circles and getting myself ridiculously confused. If anyone can offer any ideas, comments, or advice I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for all your help!

What do you want to do?

What is the outcome you seek? And by that, I mean what area of animation do you want to end up working in?
Once you determine those things, then you can solidify a path to take.

There's general animation studies that you can take almost anywhere to learn about the craft, but a career path is going to take specific studies......and talent.

The specifics are going to help you focus the talent. If you decide to pursue 2D animation, then strong drawing skills are going to be an asset. If 3D is your choice, then other technical skills should be looked at.
And look at something else......what exactly are you also doing at this moment, in terms of gravitating towards any of the medium.
If you are not drawing cartoons and such right now, then as far as pursuing 2D animation goes, you'll be starting at square one.
Its not an insurmountable obstacle, but you will have challenges, despite already having a BFA.
Extra degrees don't really mean anything if there's no talent that can be demonstrated for the work. That's the reality of it.

Look at what the jobs you want entail, and then look at the curriculum that the schools offer to address that.

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Thanks Ken, I really appreciate it!

Very useful suggestions,this should be helpful for lot of students.