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My Senior Film-The Catch

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My Senior Film-The Catch

Hey Everyone!

I just finished up my senior year of school and finished my first short film that I co-directed with Josh Carroll.

It is about a young fisherman's meager catch is stolen by a fox who leads him to the catch of a lifetime.

Please check it out and I hope you enjoy.

Click the LINK below.

Thanks for watching!

Hi smcwhinnie,

Took the oppurtunity to see your film. It's very well done. Your future in animation is very bright...:)

Few questions.
How much time did it take for you to make this film?
How many people worked on this?
And what kind of infrastucture did you use to produce this film, I mean hardware, software etc?

Would appreciate your answeres.


Way to go! I really dig the overall style of it. It has that soft Disney feel with a childish tribal quality. Nice work.

This is so funny and it a lot.

Excellent, I hope to see more of your work.