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Music and Animating

I love to listen to music while I animate - except when doing dialog or actually animating to music.

My favorites are CSNY, Dave Matthews Band and Riverdance... and Kaki King

I have Pandora on while I work so I have lots of variety...


Another one, THE ANIMATION WORKSHOP (Denmark)

The Animation Workshop
Kasernevej 5
8800 Viborg

Phone/Tel.: +45 8755 4900
Fax: +45 8755 4901
General inquiries:

Office hours
Monday - Thursday: 8.30 - 4 p.m.
Friday: 8.30 - 3 p.m.


HoBSoft Automated animation workflow for feature and tv-series

What do you guys know/think about Animation Mentor? What I've seen looks great, but I guess you might say I'm pretty naive about this stuff, since I have very little experience. Ok, so I have no experience. ;)

They have a top rated reputation.

Supinfocom (France)

Another one


10 avenue Henri Matisse
59300 Aulnoy lez Valenciennes
Tél. : +33 (0) 3 27 51 33 00
Email :

2 rue Yvan Audouard - CS 60004
13637 Arles Cedex
Tél. : +33 (0) 4 90 99 46 90
Email :

PUNE (Inde)
DSK Supinfocom International Campus
Survey 54/55, Tarwadi, Pune-Solapur road
Pune – 412308 – Maharasthra, India
Tél. : +91 (20) 66784310
Email :
Site :


HoBSoft Automated animation workflow for feature and tv-series

Is it possible to update

Is it possible to update Gnomon's website on this list? It should be:

Hi Friends...!

Hi Friends how are you...?

Very nice post. very informative.


I just wanted to note a

I just wanted to note a missing online college that I'm involved with since nobody has mentioned it yet, but Sessions College for Professional Design has some great programs for web design, graphic design, digital arts, and stuff like that. You can take a class or two or transfer to Excelsior College for a full Bachelor's.

They're over at . Anyone here attend?

Feature Animation Training at the Academy of Art

Looks like the Academy of Art posted some information about their advanced animation courses.  I think these used to be called Pixar classes.

I'm about to put a bunch of art schools on blast.

I know I'm about to put tons of art schools on blast, but I want to warn you all. Do not go to any art schools in Michigan they're terrible! If you want to go to art school please go somewhere else.

Animation College In Bangalore, India

Hi everyone,

I am from bangalore and I have finished my 12th. I want to have an career in animation. I've been doing a lot of research on Best Animation Academy's and I came across this institute "Animaster" in bangalore. I've heard they provide very good in depth education on animation and the most exciting part is they are tied up with mysore university and offer a graduation course in animation which is really awesome. I've even seen their positive reviews everywhere over the web. So atlast I wanted to have a review from the AWN group.

Give me suggestions


Just my little story

No questions, no advice, just my thoughts and experience...

I'm wrapping up my BA in film production and I'm hoping to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming an animator someday. I've been looking into online (it has to be online, since I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have the option of relocating due to my husband's job) graduate animation programs. I still battle it out in my head all the time whether or not it's better to go the actual degree route or just learn through online classes and tutorials. I have seriously been looking into SCAD because they offer an online MA degree and they seem to offer a lot of interesting courses. I was also looking at Academy of Art, RMCAD, and the Art Institutes schools, but read some bad reviews of them. Checked out Animation Mentor too, which looks great, but is also expensive.

Call me naive, but I was surprised when I started doing my research because it seems like there would be a lot more online animtion degrees from long-established universities. I'm sure it doesn't matter where you get your education from, as long as you have the talent and tenacity, but I just don't want to get swindled (not saying that well-established universities can't screw you - I'm about to graduate from one).

So, I'm just saying that I'm thankful for this site/forum because it's given me a lot of insight into what to expect and what to look for. 

Hello everyone I'm new in

Hello everyone I'm new in this group please guys I'm organizing a pitching event for students about the pitching process and we should give examples. Actually I was curious about the show the buzz on Maggie how was it pitched ? Did Disney call in Dave polsky to pitch a show ? Was he recommended by someone who brought up the idea to Disney? Or he simply had an agent? Please don't ignore my post I really need your help thanks.

i came here just to see tha

i came here just to see tha arts school but wow the arguments 

Hi everyone :) i'm new in

Hi everyone :) i'm new in this Forum

In the fact, i'm a girl and i've learnt alone to creat animated cartoon by After effects, you can check my channel Children's Tv Funny, and tell me if i'm doing well

Thank you




Me too , i'm a girl and i'm

Me too , i'm a girl and i'm interestsed in Animation too 

I would like to study the 3D animation, even it's too hard...

Now i only make 2D animation, i studied that alone at home

Check my channel : Children's Tv Funny 

RMIT Australia: student

RMIT Australia: student question

i'm a student who's gotten into the animation and 3D design coarse.and i would like to ask 2 questions ASAP:

1. when finising off an animated short or episode, what kind of format is it usually turned into whenever its streaming on the web or tv.

2. when using the MAYA or ZBRUSH to model objects and charecters, how are they used or converted into CGI films.  

So interesting thank you for

So interesting thank you for posting that :)

Actually i create my own 2D anumation alone

Cool thank you for this list

Cool thank you for this list

Hello, I'm a student from

Research Survey for Character Design for Animation

Hello, I'm a student from University currently doing a research on Character Design for Animation. If you have time, please do help me fill out my survey form here  

Many thanks


Animation is my world :) 

Animation is my world :) 

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone,

I am new here and I was graduated as an animation student in 2012.
After that I started working as an artist and animator for games.

I was wondering, there are so many physical schools posted here, but apart from schools like maybe Gnomon and a handful of others, do these schools really offer so much more than learning from artists active in the industry nowadays? To be honest, I've learned more by researching online for animation tools, tips and tutorials than I learned at my school.

I'm talking about the artists and animators that Schoolism for example does workshops and courses with, or School Of Motion and resources like Greyscalegorilla and more. I was surprised to not find especially Schoolism, one of the most wellknown and active online schools at the moment not in this topic. Perhaps it would be nice to make a new list with virtual schools and online tutors?
And perhaps we can add a source topic for books about these subjects?

Austin Visuals is an Award

Austin Visuals is an Award wining animation studio.....we provide services like 3d animation company, commercial video production , Animation agency, explainer video company.    




Arena Animation provides the

Arena Animation provides the Best VFX Training in Udaipur and learns how to make VFX and Animation. Study graphic design and media courses in Udaipur with Arena Animation. Graphic design and animations have a profound impact on all our lives. Arena Animation Udaipur present in this field over the past 23 years also trained more than 4,50000 students.


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