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My Demo Reel

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My Demo Reel

Hi everyone!

I have decided to make a demo reel that will be completed on August 8th. So I'm going to post some of my animations that I will include in this thread, if you could, please leave some feedback/comments/critique so I can make the reel sparkle!


I'm also going to add some ball bounces and hopefully some other character animations.

Does anyone have any feedback?


I think it is a very awesome decide .and your animations is very great creation. I was wondering if you can make it a whole series of animation,making it more vivid and more attractive. hope can see your complete works.:D

Happy life can't apply colours to a drawing of the render farm !

Hi CartoonyAnimator,

Your animation seems to be good. Are you a student learning animation? How long have you been learning animation??

Thanks for the kind words! For the finished demo reel, I'm going to compile all the animations into one video.

I've been teaching myself animation. I guess I technically started in 2008 with little stick animations:

but I haven't gotten serious until December of 2011.

nice fundamentals, You could take a closer look at the curves to really polish the timing, make it more fluid, and even out pops.

Hi everyone!

After about a month of working, I have finally finished this demo reel!

Thanks to everyone who left feedback!

I would still love your feedback on this too

It was a nice demo reel, short with lots of different example of what you have done, so far. Are you looking for some more specific comments about your work?

A very awesome demo reel .I think your creation is very meaningful .and i like it so much .:D

Happy life can't apply colours to a drawing of the render farm !

Some nice work Lee. Some nice clear poses for those still frames. Your 3D animation is looking good, but can still be pushed. I'm not sure if you want to lead with that Flash head turn. Is that your best animated clip? You always want to lead with your best work, then end with your second or third best animated clip. Also I'd lose the Super Mario shot. It doesn't look like your added your own take on it. It simply looks like you animated it straight from the game.

Keep up the good work and keep practicing.

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