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hi i want to learn.

yep that'd be me



hi i'm a musician and visual artist and i would like to learn how to create my own animated videos.

Hi I'm Jeff Lafferty, I'm an animator trying to make my own short film and I'd like to join the forum.

Hello! I am here to learn about the career field of animation to help a loved one get started in this field! :)

Hi! I'm interested in the artistic potential of animation compared to literature or film. Specifically, I came here to explore the potential of mixing 2D and 3D. I'll search old posts before asking any mundane questions, don't worry.

Please help!!!

Hello all. we'll have to leave my love of animation for another conversation, for right now, i am in a dire situation.

I am taking a college course in Communications and am in need of an interview with an established animator by Monday, July 16th. When i say established, i mean that has done any work in any animation project that i can trace. whether your name be in the credits or you created it entirely on your own.
I prefer the interview be conducted over the phone, but e-mail is very much an option.

i doubt that my professor will call to check up on my source if that is a problem for you.

PLEASE. i am in desperate need of this grade.
Thank you for reading

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hey all, checking in.


Hi I'm some who do 2D animations.

So here's something for you to see. It's my animation.

For Youtube Users,

Thanks for reading!

hello! I'm here to learn!

Hello. I'm here to make friends.

animation writer needed

anyone can suggest where to look for animation writer? we have work for foreign studio.

new member

hi, just wanted to see if this works... i run a small company repping American animation writers for the Russian entertainment industry.


Hi everyone. I'm a beginning animator in high school, teaching myself from books and instructional DVD's. Just started really so haven't made much progress but I plan to stick with it no matter what.



He Everyone!

Hi Everyone!I am new to the forum and am excited to interact with everyone. I am currently attending a local community college to learn animation. It is very inexpensive, but the animation department is small. I spend a lot of time online supplementing my education. I hope to see you all around the forum.


Hi Everyone!I am new to the forum and am excited to interact with everyone. I am currently attending a local community college to learn animation. It is very inexpensive, but the animation department is small. I spend a lot of time online supplementing my education. I hope to see you all around the forum.


Hello Lee,

Welcome here, We are also excited to interact with you and to know more about you. I'm glad to have you with us, so keep posting and keep interacting with us.

Here I come animation world!

I'm a young aspiring animator trying to hopefully make it out in the animation world. (:


I`m a man and I`m 25 years old


yeah hey


I'm a high school student who wants a career in animation in the future.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Conrad and I am living in Nagoya Japan, where I work teaching at several educational institutions.
My hobbies include reading fantasy of the Sword and Sorcery type, travelling around on my Kawasaki Zypher 1100, practicing naginata which is a Japanese martial art involving a pole arm and watching animation of all genres..

It is a pleasure and an honour to be here.

While I have a great interest in animation, I have no skills in producing it.
This ignorance on my part, will I am sure, be easily fixed by the knowledgeable people here.

In the future, sadly the far future, I hope to have some animation produced based on some stories I like.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


Hi everyone. I'm Kieron. and please reply as I'm new to AWN Memb

Hi everyone!.

My name is Kieron, and I am an Animation fanatic myself who for some strange reason has not joined the AWN Forums until now.

I am a Tradigital hand drawn animator with an M.A. in Animation from UWCN (UK).

I live in the Welsh Capital City of Cardiff, South Wales U.K.

I look forward to hearing from anyone, anywhere in the world, especially the members State- Side in the U.S., as I would like to work there someday.

Best Wishes


Looking forward to joining!

Hey all!
Im Christa, you can call me Kitta or whatever for short. I'm an animation enthusiast, super excited to join this amazing community. It'll be nice to talk to like minded folk. Looking forward to discussing the best colleges for this field of study, as well.:D


Looking forward to joining, sorry for the repost!:o


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Author, speaker

Hi all. Hope I can find a manager or become better known to bring the most important message to the world.

Hi all

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Hey I'm Kirby, I study animation in Sydney Austraila. I'm obsessed about Animation and what I can learn here.

Hopefully I'll be joining a frequently active forum.




just replying to get access to forums :)


K then. Newish here animator in training

again what the deal?


I'm a newbie animator and wish to connect with as many animators as possible! :) I've been religiously animating since the past 3-4 months or so,and can make pretty decent 2d flash animations.

Hi, my name is Natalia Caballero and I will do whatever it takes to be in the animation industry. I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts with a minor in Communications/Animation in May 2013. I am looking for an animation internship in Summer 2013 which I hope can lead to a long-term career. If anyone knows any information for a residency internship program please let me know :)

Thank you!
Natalia Caballero


Hey everyone I am scott and I love animation Woooohooooo!

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Hello everyone, I am an animator and wanted to connect with others in the field.


hey friend i just join awn forum


Hi there,

I am Chandrasekar From India,

i am Lighting and Compositing artist looking for Projects,

and Am opening a Studio shortly,

i have a good experience in VFX and Architectural designings,

Green and Blue screen and Live action footages and 2D animation Projects looking..


I'm new here... obviously. Just getting out there in the cyber world of the like-minded to see where it takes me. Oh, and I like animation. There. I said it.


Hello All

I am not an animator but I am looking for some animators to provide me with some content for my new website. So I am looking forward to speaking with a few of you about providing either some simple animation or simple cartoon style drawings. Thank you and I look foward to meeting with some of you.


just seeking to get my thoughts out throught cartoon animation :eek:

New member

Glad to be here!!


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Hi. Name's Aaron & I'm a film editor & I'm helping a friend of mine organize an animation festival.

Hi Guys,I like to be an animator and find out its Business

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Easy Grants and Loan System


Grants and Loan System


i would also like to be an animator one day, but I have no money for college. What should I do?