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Hello World!

i am an average 14 year old, obsessed with filming, scripting, and animation, and animating. Most of my animation are about gaming, or games in general. I would like to later turn this hobby in to a career. I will be posting most of my animation here for everyone to critisize and give me more information on how to improve.

Can't wait to talk to everyone later ;)

been making toons for 10 years on and off.... can't believe it took me this long to seek others and get some feedback!


hello to all

Hey all

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I like trains.

You know what happens next...

hi! I am an aspiring member of your forum. My family runs a computer school and i really want to know more about animation and other related stuff.

good day!




I'm from "Dream 4D" - 3D animation studio... looking forward to contribute the animation services.

Thanks to all!

Hello from Holland

I'm Jeff and I like this forum's anti spam policy. Any, hope this forum could be an very informative resource for my animation project.


Greetings AWNsomes

My name is Kat Caverly and I am pleased to introduce myself to ya'll!

im here


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I am currently seeking talented animators to collaborate with. Please contact me for more. Thanks!

- Jimmy Caputo

I are newb

Hey everyone. Pretty much covers it for the moment.


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my name is tdu and i love animation! my goal to to educate people further in the creative fields of computer animation!!

I must do this!

Hi *waves and falls over*



new to the forum

Hi joined the forum looking for advice and guidance


Introduction to FutureComicsPerson678


I am FutureComicsPerson678. I am an aspiring comic book and pop culture player. I am hoping to create a lot of comic book properties, video game properties, animated and live action TV properties, and live action and animated movie properties. I have been doing this as a result of a growing interest in comics and pop culutre, specifically Marvel and DC. I joined this forum to focus on my creative skills in animation not only to adapt my characters into cartoons, but also to create my own animated TV properties as well. My plan to keep the ideas though will be to create my own studios and companies to house the ideas and keep the copyrights to them while still having full creative control.

I will probably be the one to take up a lot of advice and try my best to work on a number of ideas myself. I will present a lot of new ideas to let you know what I would like to make and even create projects both live action and animated. Though you may expect more animated projects because again, I am adapting my comic book characters in my movies.

Another thing I'll try to do is be funny and try to talk about other mediums to let you know how much I want to get in this pop culture business.

In this forum, I will try to learn from all the professionals teaching here and other members, but I will mostly use them for my own animations from time to time. They will not be too soon or too early though, so please be patient.

Also, the animations will feature pre-existing characters (I will give the credit to the creators and owners if I can make such videos) and may or may not feature my own characters. If I do, it will take some time because I will need to copyright them to myself before doing so.

Wish me luck and success in the big path to the top of the comic book and pop culture business. :)

Hi........from Imperial Academy

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Hi, I am a self taught animator who has joined the forum to gain more of an understanding of commonly taught animation techniques in an effort to expand my skill set!

Hey Guys! I am new here and my name is Martinez
Pleased to meet you!

Hello All

Hi Everyone my name is Solomon...can anyone please give me some insight into this item or anything similar...i am looking to purchase


Looking forward to learning and sharing here at the AWN forum. :)

Hey folks

I'm an elfin 24 year old from Long Island, NY who's into 60s/70s Japanese Sci-Fi, Northern Soul, Garage/Surf Rock, Glam, and Funk. I have a yearning desire to get into the special effects/animation industry, mainly fueled by a love of said section of sci-fi but also due to not only a sizable disgust for a bland, white-collar, cubicle job but also the fear of going to grad school and becoming another member of the law/business degree herd at the wish of my family.


I've done a few old school animated projects. Due to other creative projects, don't have the time to animate a 5 minute Mitt Romney animated short or a animated sitcom pilot I have. Would like to find a talented animator willing to work without pay to animate these projects old school style or as flash animation or whatever.

Film Editor

Hello everyone!

I am a film editor looking to get some experience with editing animation. I'm hoping that I will find some indie animation projects to jump onto and really learn the entire process, from storyboarding to final cut. If anyone is interested in collaborating, I'm ready to jump in immediately and get some work done. Thanks for taking a look!



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Writer in search of animators

Hey everybody I'm a comedy writer with experience writing feature films, tv shows, sketches, shorts, and standup comedy. As much as I love working in live action, my dream has always been to make cartoons. Sadly, I'm not the best artist. But I am a damn good writer! So I'm trying to find some damn good artists. I'll post in The Animation Cafe soon.

Hima B.

Hi, All
I'm a filmmaker focusing on contemporary social issues that impact women/girls. I'm interested in working with a crew in developing a 2D Black/White animation based on the factual story of a young Latina sex worker. I hope to find animators in Bangalore whom I can collaborate with on this project. If you're an animator in Bangalore who specializes in 2D animations, please contact me! I plan to begin animation this coming September.


Hello everyone, i am an animator and i'm happy to be a member of this group!

Animator is New York looking for work, classes, new friends..ect

Animator is New York looking for work, classes, new friends..ect. I've been out of the scene for a couple of years and am looking to get back in, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently working on a short that I will post upon completion. Below is a link to a demo I made when I graduated.
Check out this video on YouTube:

Alternate Account

Hey guys, just creating an alternate account (and going to delete/leave inactive the other one). I didn't want my Youtube brand cross-associated with any posts I might make-would prefer to keep things as nice and seperate as I can. :p

I'm (still) an independent web animator trying to up the audience on my series.

I dunno, I've always had this strange thing with wanting as large an audience as I can get. :o

Feel free to check out my channel too. ;) Pleased to make your acquaintance all!

Greetings from Tiny Island Productions Singapore

Hi everyone

We are from Tiny Island Productions. An animation studio based in Singapore.

Our website

Our Facebook

New Member

Hi, I'm an artist and just started working on my first short animation film. I need some help! Thanks :-)

Hi! I am new to the forum and I am very interested in the Animation field and all its updates. I am currently looking for a University in London anybody can tell me something about Ravensbourne or Middlesex University of London? I am trying to see which of them has better advantages. Thanks for the quick answer :-)

Telling About Me!


It's nice to be part of awnForums.
This is jeeva. I am very much interested in Multimedia and Interactive 3D Animation. That brought me to this forum actually..


Hi everyone! I'm new to animation and I was hoping this site would give me some advice on how to get started.

HELLO, Hi , Salut, Hola, I need to contact a user about some 2d animation on a 3d software. Oh and I like hotdogs :). (idk if this is spam but anyways) if you are interested in seeing a movie I am making or joining the project...

Check it out:

A trailer:
An old explanation video:


Very nice!

I like :D


I'm a new here.I'm interested in animation.and i like to learn new things.I hope to learn more new things. Also hope you to support me

Happy life can't apply colours to a drawing of the render farm !

Newbie among you!

Hello to all AWN Forums users.


I am looking to create animation project and looking for someone to help


Glad to be part of the community


Hi, I'm a student animator living in the Los Angeles area. New to the forum experience in general. Happy to get my feet wet!

here i am, replying :)

Hello Out There!

Hello, Hello, Hello! I am a 2d digital artist and animator here to share my works, get inspired, promote efforts and find other efforts out there. :)


I've recently started to become interested in becoming an animator. I've already tried doing "research", and I know that animation is a very difficult field to pursue, requiring a lot of work and time, and I won't be able to earn a lot of money. However, I just can't seem to give up on becoming an animator. What advice would you give to me in becoming an animator?


Hi all!

I'm new to the forums! I'm a 2D/3D independent animator from Spain. I also make music and videogames. I'll love to join the conversation! :)


hi i'm a musician and visual artist