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I have a diploma of 3d interactive animation from Qantm in Amsterdam, yet I started my passion for 3d animation when I was 14. I want to get a job as a rigger & character animator for games, so I can develop inside a company. By knowledge I'm a 3d generalist, specialised in game animation. I prefer to work with Maya.

for the starters out there:

I'm still working on portfolio, decided to chill out here :) Hope I'm welcome

Your skill at self constructive criticizing your work is an awesome talent.
Be sure to post more of your work in "Show and Tell"

Hello AWN !

I'm from Rebus Animation & Compositing Academy.
I think it will be fun to stick together.


im a new member


hey guys

i am doin 3rd yr. i would like to knw where i can move further in order to become an animator


Hai every one

Am glad to be a representative of a creative group from India.

We are in animation for last 10 years with wonderful support of the clients around the world.

To be frank we are looking for the contracts... mainly on animation film production...


yo yo yo

wat up in da world o' cartoons! baby!

Hey Everyone, I'm the producer of the animated web series "Deeds Of Yore"...

I'm glad to be here!

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Hai every one

Am glad to be a representative of a creative group from India.

We are in animation for last 10 years with wonderful support of the clients around the world.

To be frank we are looking for the contracts... mainly on animation film production...
Today 06:31 PM


I am Marketing Manager for Golaem, maker of Golaem Crowd, the crowd simulation software for Autodesk Maya.

I am here to learn and share with the animation community

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Greets to all from cmiVFX.

some of you may be aware of our site.

all of us over here simply love animation and visual effects. most of us have been involved on some level all of our adult lives.




Hi all,

I'm Adriana Mota from Brazil, stop motion animator (and everything else to do with it) and film producer.

New to the Forums

Hello all, my name is Tony and I'm an aspiring Storyboard artist based in the LA area. I have recently decided on a career change and have subsequently started building a portfolio focused on landing a job as a storyboard revisionist in the gaming and/or animation industry. I have also started taking a class that teaches all of the basics of story telling, visual dance choreography, and visual fight choreography.

I am finding that the more I learn in my storyboarding class, the more unprepared I am at landing a job in the industry. I find that this field is exciting because you can easily spend your entire career cultivating skills. I am very confident that continuing to pump out work will eventually help me build the skills necessary to be competitive in the field.

I look forward to participating in the AWN forums by giving others feedback and encouragement.

I'm not a robot

I like animation and am passionate about comedy writing.

But as a prank I am tempted to write very robotically

But seriously I'm not a robot and very interested in becoming a member of AWN FORUMS because I absolutely love AWN FORUMS

Sorry it's so tempting lol

Hey guys, Micah here. Looking forward to checking out these forums.


Hi all,
My name is Brendan Hogan. I'm a sound designer and composer based in Seattle, Washington USA. I have a lot of experience doing sound for shorts, documentaries and feature films but would love the opportunity to work with animation more. I'm currently working with an animator who is telling me about the process of animation as he creates an animation to one of my songs. It's very interesting and has gotten me interested in learning more.

"I'm currently working with an animator"

very good, if i may ask what do u find interesting as you work with the animator :)

i am new to this, and i hope i will learn from all of u guys. ^_^


I currently am majoring in animation at my local community college. I'm hoping to gain insight here on where to possibly go to school post associates degree. I'm looking for online only as that is the only option due to personal reasons. I'm excited to learn techniques and network with other lovers of this art.

Thank you for having me!

Hello AWN


I am the Founder and CEO of Aatma Studio.

We just launched our first Studio Reel.

I'll be posting it in AWN's Show and Tell.


18 year old art student needs some advice!

I'm from England, and just about to finish an art foundation course in Paris, I'm really interested in getting into animation but I'm unsure of what's best. The problem is I already have a spot at an excellent university in England to study french and italian, which would be 4 years, as I thought this would make me stand out from others as having other skills as well as art (meanwhile i'd be going for work experience and internships in animation the holidays)
however now it seems obvious that what i really need is to carry on training in art, especially as i don't have many computer skills at the moment!

Look through some of the threads in " Art and Animation Schools" and "So you want to be an Animator? Here's what to expect." Do a key word search.


Hello my name is Eirc!
thank you for accepting me!

New member

I wish be part of this community, so if the admin approves it soon will be in the forum. thanks :)


hello. good to be here:)

Student wanting to learn more

Hi my name is Linh and I am a Digital Media student in Sydney.

I've loved drawing all my life but after 4 weeks in the subject '3d, Animation and Modelling', I wanted to learn more. I loved it so much but I am still very newbie in animation so I hope this site and forums will help broaden my perspective in animation, illustration and storyboarding!

Nice to meet y'all. Looking forward to exploring this site further.

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Evil Eye Pictures says hello to AWN Forums

Evil Eye Pictures is glad to be a part of the new forum.

Hi everone

I bad animator wants to get better and I hope this community can help me achieve tis thank you

starting out

hello all...
i'm one of the few. i'm a home schooled animator. the closest thing i've ever had to school or classes in animation was Sheldon Borenstein's figure drawing class at SJSU and a intro animation class at De Anza. I learned a little from the De Anza class but i've read plenty of books on animation which is the bulk of my learning, books such as Animator's survival kit by David Williams and animation from script to screen by shamus culhane plus others.



Guten tag!

Hello everyone! I'm twenty one years old and I love animation. I've always loved watching cartoons ever since I can remember. Although, I never considered making them until the flash scene of the internet boomed and I started browsing Newgrounds. I got a hold of flash and have been considering myself an animator ever since. My productivity hasn't been the best. I want to change that, so I'm hoping coming here to this forum will help me spark my enthusiasm and get me in the scene and become a first class entertainer.


I'm a second year student at NYU tisch. I joined this forum because I've been so unhappy at NYU and am in dire need of a change. I'm hoping to get some advice about transferring schools.


Hi! My name's Brian. I'm studying animation at Algonquin College in Ontario, Canada. I'm loving what I'm learning and hope to learn more here!!!!




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Hi All,
I am doing a project on animation industry and would like to share my ideas here and know more about the industry.
Plz help.

Thank you



I'm a 3D animator from AnimationMentor currently working at Moondog Animation Studio

The Animation Spot


My name is Adam from The Animation Spot. I am the CEO of a new animation studio in Los Angeles. We have some very talented people here, and just wanted to network with the community.

Hope to speak with everyone soon!



I type slowly by my self but my wife types well. I have Parkinson's disease.

I have a story line, sound tract, and characters written and will have face photos soon.

I have about 20 days to make a jib jab type antimation. Is this possible. Is any one interested in helping on the project?

HSC video

it is about 14 min


I came here because I'm tearing my hair out at the roots due to a problem with ToonBoom Studio 5 on my mac. I guess you could say depending on how well the problem is solved decides if I stay and become an active part of this community hahaha.
I do love the idea of a forum for animators and aspiring animators :)

Name's MrCromartie1989

I'm currently a Fullscreen partner over at Youtube

I've been running the tough job of uploading 2-d Flash animations made form scratch on a weekly basis in hopes of growing my audience because, much like my work in musical theatere, I do it all for their entertainment. :D

I'm glad to find this community. I would love to be a part of it to learn more about animation

New Animator from Sussex, UK

Hey everyone, i'm an amateur animator from Sussex, UK using Toon Boom Studio 4.5 and Adobe Premiere Elements. I've made a few documentaries over the years and a few short films but have always wanted to try animation. I've only been doing it a week and recently uploaded my first animation to youtube which was a 25 sec comedy sketch which i'd love to share with people and get some feedback.

I came across this forum in my hunt to find a community of animators whom I can share my work with and learn from other peoples posts/discussions.

I also have a few questions about best practice and stuff at some point.

Motion Graphics Artist/Animator CEO

Thanks for the invite its great to be here ..look forward to contributing to the forum !


hi guys I just registered.

I am Ghanian animator chick :D I decided to join because I want to learn a lot more about animation.

I can't really get the opportunity to go to an animation school due to personal reasons so I want to see what I can learn here.

Thanks! Hope I make new friends!

hello Dan!

I am happy and excited that I discovered this forum...Hope to contribute..



Hi everyone, i want to take up animation as my career. I had a few queries, i thought someone might help me out . Thanks .

Hello, I'm really happy to be with you guys.

¿Is that it? lol

Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it.
- Salvador Dali