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Question for you professional educators

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Question for you professional educators

My daughter was accepted into three animation MFA programs:

RIT, USC and UCLA. She is an amazing quick study and has developed a strong background in animation using Maya and Z brush etc. She has taken some animation courses as an undergrad and is a pretty good generalist in all areas of the animation pipeline. She wants a program that will challenge her and hone her skills a bit more. Her undergrad was in digital design.

RIT offered her a 9K scholarship. Since their tuition is only $33K to begin with, this reduces their cost to24K. She could also be eligible for TA or Graduate assistantships too.

Both USC and UCLA for out of state is about 37K each year.

I was wondering about the RIT program.Is their program respected in the industry? Do they have any significant industry contacts? I do know that both USC and UCLA are very well respected.

Your questions about industry contacts should be able to be answered by the people at RIT and that will in turn tell you about their reputation. Ask them questions like:

- how many recruiters came to campus in the last year to possibly hire their grad students?
- who were those companies?
- where are the latest crop of graduates working right now?

You can go to the websites of the companies that your daughter wants to work for and a lot of them on their recruiting pages will provide a list of schools they recommend as well.

Good Luck,


Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota Florida

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response. Too bad Ringling doens't have a masters program.

I think you have to contact with the persons who are related with RIT.

There is a need for skilled graphics designers all over the nation and opportunities in this field are increasing. The main growth is in web based and digital media, which has exploded over the years

I hadn't read this...

When I sent you the private message I hadn't read this- I don't get to this site often. Now I know why you're interested again! Your daughter is lucky to have such a concerned and supportive father.

Out of curiosity, why does she want a Masters degree in Animation?

Speaking as someone that has worked as a 3d Vfx artist for the last 9 years, no one has ever asked me if I had a bachelors degree (I do). But also in my experience hiring people, the reel and the personality are the main things that will get you work.

Chris Smallfield
Head of 3D - Shape Minds and Moving Images
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