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Hobbyist 3D

Hi All

I am dabbling in 3D animation. I want a program that does pretty much does everything for a hobbyist; rendering, SOUND, etc. I have worked with Anim8or, but its limited and does not do sound (have to emply Windows Movie Maker) . I tried Blender and found the learning curve to be painful. I just found Animation:Master. Does anybody still use this? I am looking to be a one person animation team and not spend a lot of dough.


Recently, Blender changed their interface to make modelling simpler. Here's a list of video tutorials that can quickly get you up to speed and modelling:

the truth is. 3d programs are not meant to be easy for beginners. you will have an easier time with sculpting programs which are meant to be easy. and really dont require any skill.

animation will be a different matter. that is a skill/knowledge that has to be learned seperately from the software. but the software can make it harder or easier. I suggest you give cat a look.

that will get you up and running pretty quickly. but again the knowledge of how to animate is a seperate matter. character animation toolkit (cat) you can look at videos on youtube or the autodesk site

you can dowload a free version of max, the program that has cat. from all you need be is a student or unemployed. it comes with a 3 year license

Well, I don't see myself getting the Max. I do not fall into any of the student requirements.

So maybe I will revisit Blender?

I still would like to know if anyone is using Animation:Master though

animations process

well we need several software to accomplish our animations, it seem to me your requirement to perfections and shorting the time on animating ain't gotta do it... once you starting to animate you will find yourself looking for a better way to do these or that...

my software list
softimage xsi
project messiah
vues xsteam
motion builder
after effect
final cut pro
sony vegas pro
and some other hardware require software etc


I am just a hobbyist. I don't need those things..........right now. But I would still like to hear from someone using Animation:Master


I found what you were looking for from another Thread..I'll recopy the page:It called DAZ3D. They are currently giving away full versions of their products for free.

Stop motion animation is a general term for an animation technique which makes a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved by extremely small amounts between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames are played as a continuous sequence. Clay figures are often used in stop motion animations, known as claymation, for their ease of repositioning. Software applications such as Stop Motion Pro, istopmotion and monkeyjam have made the technique popular among young filmmakers.

For starting out and doing 3D as a Hobby, DAZ is the way to go. Given time you will see the limits, but it will make using a more advanced program down the line much easier. As for sound, no 3D program will handle this as you might expect. It's a bit like expecting a pencil to have a built-in microphone.

Instead what I would recommend would be learning a DAZ program and learning an editing program, like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Then you can make animations in DAZ, edit them and add sound and video effects in the editing program you choose. With some work you can produce decent and entertaining 3d animation movies.

I hope that helps.


Chris Smallfield
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