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Just do it!

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Just do it!

Okay, so this is borrowed slogan from Nike. And, it is very pertinent to today. I must be asked almost every day...

"How do I get my start?"


"How do I get work out there?"

The answer is: "Just do it!"

If you're passionate about the art form- just do it!

Today, I have a whole studio (Flipbook) on my computer. I can test, create storyboards, create BG's and scan the final - all on one machine.

I am doing it, you can too!

Right at the moment, I am writing the third draft of a screenplay and finishing an animated short film, MIMI AND GACK.

It is a mind set- and as you do more, you build momentum. Right now, I know so many artists who are using the tools to create. It can be as simple as: paper and pencil or a computer with Photoshop. Yes, it can be basic - and you have to start somewhere.

Two of my best examples are Bill Plympton and newcomer Tom Kyzivat.

You all know of Plympton...

Check out some of Tom's work... he even does the sound effects himself...

Enjoy and then go out and JUST DO IT!


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Amen to Larry.

The tool-set is there, the info to build the skill-sets required are out there.

When Larry and I started in the biz, many moons ago, the tools were diverse, separate, brought from many different media and required time and more expense to bring them together in a final form.
Today all of it can be done with the same tool you are using to view these words.
The only challenge an artist/animator faces today is their own drive.

You don't need to have everything in line to begin either
That is the key idea right there--this whole process can be assembled literally on the fly now, all an artist has to do is start.
And even better, the tools allow you to refine things as you go, even to return to an earlier step and refine things some more.

Hey, if you think you are good enough to work in the biz right now have the means to PROVE demonstrate it to everyone. Your canvas awaits.

As Larry said;


"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)


You wrote, "...all an artist has to do is start."

I think that is a much better slogan than even the Nike one!