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2012 Oscar Nominees List

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2012 Oscar Nominees List
It looks like "Tintin" got snubbed.

There is an article in "NewsWeek" about the down turn in movie, including animation. The article was in one of the issues this month. January 2012.

"Chico & Rita" are going to win.

Chico & Rita are going to win

I surely hope so :-)

That would be SOOO cool, and really relaunch animation for adults - like "Persepolis" and "Waltz with Bashir" - only with love as theme...

For me personally this is already super cool - this is the second nominated film I worked on in a row...

... but one shouldn't forget "A cat in Paris" which also takes a new look at animation in creating an animated police story with a part for (not too small) children and a bit for adults too. Graphically it is also very interesting IMHO.


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This is nice animated movie. I like this.

The Isle of Man (colour) team contained ex-colleagues and friends of mine - and I mention the oscar nomination in the credits of the latest episode of Manannan.

It's a great achievement, and I'm hoping that it will help the push to have a permanent studio set up here once again.