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I am due to begin my first animation course. I hope to gain a lot of information from members that will assist me with my learning. I am really excited about this huge learning curve I am about to embark on.

Hello all. Nice to find this forum.


Hi. I'm Eddy. It is nice to be a member of AWN. Sharing ideas is always exciting.

Background Artist and 2D Animator

Hello all, I'm an independent animator and background artist. If anyone ever wants to shoot me some critique my demo reel and a few illustrations can be found at


Hi all,
i'm Ozan from UK.
i'm a visual development artist and art director.
feel free to visit my personal website for my work and more information


Hi all!

I'm a prospective animation student who joined AWN in my search for information and expertise.


Looking for Flash help.


Hi Everyone. I build animations for digital signage and product brands.


Hello everyone, I'm an animation student in Kenya and think this is just the place for me, ne? Looking forward to chatting with y'all!! :)

Hello everyone!

I joined this forum to get to know more creative communities inside and out of London.

im here in CALIFORNIA. Im a hip-hop artist looking for some animations to best represent my political style of music.

Take a Listen to some of my hip-hop music here

watch my short film here

Hi everyone

Hi everyone..I am an animator since last 10 years and I have a good experience in animation.

Top notch artist

I am a student and my major is media arts & animation. I have been drawing since I was very young. I consider myself to be top notch because my work is pure 100 percent original. I also am a very good script writer as well. hoping to meet someone with connections to high places.

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Hello, all

To share is to care. To learn is to earn.:)

Hey everyone!

I'm doing some animation as a hobby and always like to see some new things!

Intriguing anti-spam device.

What if all the rest of my posts are spam???

3D Animator and Rigging

I'm very interested in this field to work animation film, I'm ready to work 1 year without salary.

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.”
- "Walt Disney"

Hello everyone.

Ooook, I'm answering to this post as the rules say. XD You want to know me? Check-out my portfolio at my business website: and follow me on twitter @vichofriedli.

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Posting here as requested :) My name is Katie, I work for an independent game studios called Phoenix Online Studios and we are interested in recruiting some new talent. This looked like a good place to find some!


I might just be in high school but I want to become an animator, Do you have any advice for me? How did you start off?:)

:) Hi everyone! I am a young adult who has been obsessed with animation since I as long as I can remember. I went to college in Chicago when I was 17 and have a goal of having my own animation studio someday :)

University Info

wanna know about best Animation University in UK

Hi I'm Elena! I have come here to get help on improving my art and business skills. I'm currently in my third year of animation at Seneca college and I will soon go on to study VFX. And of course after that I would like to use my skills to fulfill my goal of entertaining people!

Here's a link to my blog

Hi, I'm a former animator who is looking for animators to collaborate on a music video for my band.


I am a new member here. I am currently researching how we can use animation to promote products and present our products to our clients.

im Lenar and im 3d generalist.
i made online course for people who want begin learn VFX from start or learn some new advansed technics with Maya and After Effects.

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I'm new here! Hi you guys! :):)


Hello to all,
i´m a graphic designer entering in this amazing world of animation.
CU arround ;)

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I love animations!


I am a high school senior, as well as an aspiring 2D animator. I greatly enjoy anime, and would love to have the intangible ideas locked up in my head become tangible one day for others to enjoy (via animated series, film, etc.)
I am also interested in producing comic books ^_^

Hi! I'm a student learning animation and wanted to join to talk about what I love and hopefully to get some advice!

Good day

Greetings to all of you, its a great pleasure to be here and i believe that awn forum is a great sandbox to build castles or just awesome playground.

Unfortunately, i have no good ability to draw and even if i did i couldn't probably draw what characters i draw in my head. Me and my best friend are both in playing games mostly co-op games where team work may create different scenarios of a battle and sometimes we create small stories that we live in games. I have BS degree in business administration and my friend is getting one at the moment. From school he draws characters and i am interested in music production and last years we nourished an idea to start a business, and creativity should be a main factor in this business, both of us have very good sense for design, but we are lacking animation skills to start business. We are working on precise business idea and open for any advises or offers. If anyone interested, I would love to discuss it further, thanks for attention.

Please, someone who is good at animation and has the ability and desire to draw or just fond of discussing animation and its process reply.
Thank you


Hi, i'm a filmmaker and animator from the chicago land area. Several people have said that I should get into illustration but I feel these mediums are were the life is.


Hello I am an artist and an art teacher who loves the visual arts, animation, storytelling, music and 3D animation. I currently teach Photography and CS5, Maya 2012 (in our 8th year) and traditional art at the high school level.

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Hey there,
I'm Gargi and I'm from India. I'm persuing animation in a local institute and am in my final year. My interests are in Classical, flash animation...BG art, Character design and VFX.:D
I'm very happy to be here!


Hello my little friends:D


Hello. This is JH Chu from Motion Magic Digital Entertainment. I am a producer of animated Kid TV series and feature movide. Nice to meet all of you here.


Hello, I am an aspiring 3D animator and am joining this message board to learn all I can about the field

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Hi, This is jagbir from Greenleaf Entertainment Private Limited.

I'm a new member here

My name is Jason. I'm a new member. Your rules said to post
a reply to this to be a confirmed member. I've been an animator for
the past 17 years.


Hey thanks for having me on this forum , I look forward to the many discussions that are ahead.

hey guys I'm a student from uca farnham uk studying animation

hi guys...

i searched in google "How to be an animator." and get awn's link. actually its posted in 2006 but unfortunately i have just read it. so really say thanks to Ken Davis and matt2001. i think i can learn lots of here with discuss with the industry people.
Thanks AWN.


Thank you. I am new here. I want to share my ideas and also, I want to learn from other people.


Hi everyone, my name is Heather Rozanski and I go by Miss Modeler. I am a 3D Character/Creature Modeler and wanted to join these forums to meet others in the same industry as well as share my work and search for jobs.

Hi everyone. I love animation and created my own web series that I would love to get some feed back on. Check it out at Thanks :D


Hello Animators

I am happy to have finally joined the AWN forums. I hope I can meet new people and converse over projects with fellow animators. :D

hi there! i joined because i want to learn from others and improve on my animation skills. right now, the only programs that i have are Adobe Flash, Gimp, and a video maker for my animations. I've been animating on those for sometime and they are only programs that i could afford.... well, gimp is free.