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jmudd gallery

This my most recent "flatbook"
Its a small collection of my traditional artwork. Please Enjoy.

Hi Jmudd,

Thanks for sharing! I think your animal drawings, especially the dog studies, are fantastic. I also liked the last page of nude model drawings (pg 13)--they seemed to have the best weight and energy. The props on page 20 also look solid.

The work from page 13 on seems to be a huge leap in quality from the previous pages! The drawings seem a lot more solid after that point, and the proportions more accurate. Was page 13 drawn from live models? I think the page 13 poses look a lot more dynamic than the drawings made from photographs.

What types of drawing skills you're working on developing these days? I'd love to see more!


Havent seen such creative work before.. you have made those drawings alive. .seriously... Great work..