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Hello AWN! My name is Kevin Okulolo and I'm an animator working in San Francisco, CA. I'm excited to become a part of this community!



My name is Erica Farrel. I am an animation student working on my hand drawn/painted short film Samsara. I am joining this forum to view other artist work, as well as getting my animation and kick starter out in the public view


My name is Joseph Morabito and I've been learning cartoon style animation for about 4 years now. I post my videos on You Tube. and

The second is a hodge podge channel with a bit of everything and my namesake channel is only animation...

My current favorite animation that is on TV is The Squidbillies. They are proof that high end visuals are not what makes something funny.


I've joined the forums to learn from people with much more experience and exposure to the industry....and who probably share or have a greater passion than myself.(I'm not that passionate, at least exteriorly not. I take after my father; personality wise.)

Well, first post is done. now on to the good stuff.


New to AWN forums! Howdy!




Hi everyone, we are stop motion animators from England.
We have made short animations together ever since we met at Uni a few years ago. :)

Hello all

I am not an animator, but I am working on a project that I hope will incorporate animation. I came here to learn about the business of animation from you all - and perhaps to find some collaborators.

I'll post more specifics in the next day or so. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum. I joined to get feedback for my work!

God bless!


I am Kara, I would love to become an animator and i want to become more skilled and have experience. I been trying to look for a animation internships but none are offered to high school students

My Hello

And here is my Hello!


Hey there AWN....:D

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Hello, nice site. Posted by myself in bookmarks


I'd like to introduce myself, my name's Richard , and I've joined awn to learn more and get critics on my animations

My Hello

Hello AWN!

Hello Artists--My Name Is Joy-

My name is Joy and I understand that many of you would like a figure model in the South Suburbs: I live in the Prairie State College area and have modeled in the past for colleges, art classrooms, and private artists. I read that many would like a models this way, I understand and would like to work this way: May I model for you?

I would love to set up a group of students per hour for a few hours and/or on an individual basis--Please let me know--I can be reached at or 708-259-7695c--Take Care--Joy

Pass along my information--


Hi everyone, I'm producing a short stop mo called Butterflies which I would like to share with y'all on AWN... muchas gracias, Warwick


I am Abhinav Sharma from Pune and would like to update my animation skills through awn forums


We are Boinc.

We're a agency that likes to get involved in anything and everything that's creative. Taking your business to the next level with great ideas and great design.

From Graphic Design service to Animation & Video to Sound & Music, we really are that one stop shop you've been looking for!

Take a tour of our website and explore the gamut of work we've done.

Do get in touch with us, and we'll be glad to tell you more.

Until then, have fun!

We are indie studio looking to contract a 2D animator to help with our upcoming mobile game, Flaming Narwhal. We would need the animations by mid next week. Sorry for the tight deadline but, we did not expect to run into dificulty with these animations and thought we would have had them done by now but some unexpected problems came up (as with most projects).

The main character of our game is a narwhal and, well, he's angry and literally on fire. The animations we are looking for should be about .5 seconds to 1 second. 6 to 12 frames

1) billowing smoke (there are wrecked oil tankers in the background)

2) an animation of a seagull burning up

3) one or two water splashes for when things enter and exit the water.

4) FX animations of fire for the Narwhal.

5) Explosion

These animations should be influenced by the likes of the game Metal Slug and Alien Hominid (more Metal Slug than the later).

If you are able to work with us on the deadline, please send us a quote for the animations and examples of your previous work. My email is Thank you for your help :)

hi I am new here

I am new here. hi, everyone.

Hi people.. :)

hi there.. my name is akky.. m a college drop out in science :D and now in th pursuit of doing something more meaningful with my life.. u know most ppl givin me advices are like, "animation..??? wha..????".. but i know for the sake of all those guys out there who really like their job, if they can make it, i can too can, or die trying.....:eek: he he..


hi this is amr i liked your post ;uorhk;sdfhp sdbvhjkfgysdgyluf

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Replier Looking For Help

I found this site while looking for an animator. I was hoping I could get some help here and maybe learn a few things, as animation has always been a fascination of mine.


I am Sita. I work in Reliance Group of companies...


I am a film maker. I need some animators who can make animated content for educational program?

My name is Joseph and I've been animating since 2007. Slowly my style is emerging. My current work (since Mar 2011) is posted at youtube under RightArmProductions but my previous works were posted at bowlingballout... if you want to take a look

Hello, I´m glad to enter AWN forums

I'm Alex, part of ADKIN a small animation and VFX company in Mexico. I hope to learn from this extraordinary networking tool.

my webpage is here you can find some of our latest projects.

Hi there!

Hello I'm new to this forum and am following orders :)

My Turn!

Hey! I'm Jace, an animation student, who has now run out of work, and money so can no longer attend school (just for right now..) and my instructor recommended i come hang out here in the meantime. =)


-Jace T.

new member


I'm new to the forum. A visual effects artist and animator, I thought it would be nice to get involved in the community. Thanks!





hi m from india and i want some freelancing job in animation thats why m here.....
i am autodesk maya rigging artist......
and also do web designing and animation in adobe flash........


I’m Didier Ah Koon. I’m a storyboard artist, I work on animated feature films.

I want to join AWN to share the funny animated video clip I make in my free time


Hello. My name is Jamie. I am looking to learn more about animation to make an animated story series.

Hi! Annabelle here

I'm Annabelle, an animation student.
I am here to gain an idea of the animation industry is like out there and pick up some pointers that will help me in the future.
Would also like to get myself started in the industry, maybe as an intern? As well as make some buddies out there~


Hello there everyone my name is RazZifae, and I'm a growing artist, I've been drawing ever since I was 6 years old. I've always wanted to be a cartoonist but really more interested in the creative process of making still drawings come to life. An I've wanted to be an animator ever since, I don't really know when I got interested in it I just know that some where along the line I got immensely drawn to it. The idea of work on illustrations to make them move accurately on the screen just fascinates me. My dream is to become a professional animator/illustrator, art director, an producer. My biggest dream is to get any one of my ideas adapted into an animated series that I may one day be in charge of producing as well as directing.


New member, love animation and stuff.

Hello, Amby here

Hey, I'm an artist who has been drawing since the age of 4. I'm a self-taught artist who just wishes to be an animator some day. I don't think I'll JUST be an animator since I can do more than just that but my passions revolve around the process and creativity that comes with entertainment art.

I want to learn as much as I can in the field of art. One area of it isn't enough; I have to learn all that I can. Its either improve what I already know until I can do it in my sleep or learn something that I've never known before.


hi i am in the field of softwares.


Here to join in the animation!

- David


I'm a complete beginner. Here to read and ask questions and hopefully learn. (=


I am going to be in Hyderabad from 15 through 20 this month for 17th International Children's Film Festival where my film is going to be shown. My next project involves an extensive computer graphic work combined with live action and I am looking for an Indian company who is interested in co-production deal.

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My name is Eugene Salganik and I wrote a play in 2 acts that is a satire on Wall Street, called "Requiem for Greed". I believe the best vehicle for this play is an animated film. I also believe, given the public's outcry towards the Wall Street and shift in values, this animated play/poem will have a great commercial success.

My contact information is

Thank you.

Please Take me!

Please Take me!:


My name is James Corbin, I am an entrepreneur. I am establishing an animation company in Barbados in the beautiful Caribbean. We will be using Toon Boom Harmony software and will soliciting business in the offshore market as well as developing indigenous talent for TV and Movies

Hey everyone,
I joined awn to showcase my work and get as much feedback as possible in order to grow as a modeler and animator.

Sean Whelan
Graphic Designer



I`ve joined to showcase some of my cgi.):)

learning about animators

Greetings, I joined so that I can learn what animators look for in a pleasant working environment. I'm young and I want to have a media group with animators heavlily apart of the team ("CELEBRITY TAKE DOWN," if that means something to you then yay!) So right off the back, I'm curious in learning what animators feel is reasonable and what they would desire in terms of [LIST][*]work schedules[*]hours[*]pretty much how an animator feels are reasonable wages and typical wages

[/LIST]work schedules