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MisterParadigm Gallery

First up will be a collection of my own incarnations of the primary characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

A few assorted works for the website

The Captain, main character of Space Pirates.

Samantha Jackson, lead female character of Space Pirates.

Rocko Wallace, love interest of Samantha Jackson's, one-armed engineer of Space Pirates.

Cardnal, bird/boy genetic hybrid, navigation expert of Space Pirates.

Janit-OR, robot maid that speaks in beeps and boops, one day dreams of becoming a Broadway singer.

Opening page graphic for the Petty Torture Productions website.

A scarecrow for a college project.

Afrocalypse and the VooDoo Bear

The Afrocalypse and the VooDoo Bear cartoon series logo.

The lead female for Afrocalypse and the VooDoo Bear. Fadonna Towne.