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Space Pirates

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Space Pirates

"This is The Captain speaking. Brace for cognition."


A low-functioning schizophrenic calling himself The Captain thrusts the known universe into a reality inadvertly manifested from his perception of the world.

Space Pirates follows the exploits of a low-functioning paranoid schizophrenic calling himself "The Captain" who has somehow triggered an untapped area of the human mind which allows him to instantly manifest his thoughts and imagination into the physical world.

There is far more to this series, but I hope the initial info is enough to get you to check out the pitch bible for the show, which can be found at the following link:

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Here's the cover page for Space Pirates to get you all tingly inside:

Wow! I'd watch it! How do you plan to go about getting it in front of the right people?

Wow! I'd watch it! How do you plan to go about getting it in front of the right people?

I'm doing some research, but I've already sent it to a few professionals that option animated pitch bibles. Right now it's really about research and making sure I know who the right people are. Thanks for your interest! I think I've got something interesting and unique, and I think that the demographic I'm shooting for will love it, and the more serious parts have real identifiable issues that are being explored.