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Portable hard drive recommendation (mac-compatible)

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Portable hard drive recommendation (mac-compatible)

I’m working on a year-long animation project, so I need a portable hard drive that is dependable, easy to access and use, and does NOT BREAK DOWN. I hear SeaGate is really nice but tends to fail, and Lacie is sturdy but expensive. I have a WesternDigital external that doesn’t let me alter my backups.

Maybe a Flash Drive?

I have a Buffalo made by Hitachi. Tiny, fast and cheap. No problems for a year so far. My Western Digital, on the other hand, died the death.

I tend to go for the biggest bang for the buck. Haven't had any issues with Seagate and recently got 2TB for $90. I have a smaller one for easy transport and a larger one for daily back up. Got a Lacie for $200 about 6 years ago and it still works.