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Hi, I'm John Edward.

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I'm new

Hello, I want to be a member of the forum, I like music, reading and movie.

Hello, hello. I'm an art student currently studying Foundation level for a Diploma in Animation. I'm interested in traditional animation.


Hi there, this is my reply!


Hello this is my reply

Hello I'm new to the site.

Hello everyone, I'm glad to become a member to AWN, and I'm looking forward to meeting good creative member on the site.

My name is Bill, & I'm an animation lover for well over 30 years.

I run my own online animation forum, & love all forms of animation!

Glad to be here.

A project for children with learning difficulties need your help

The Milonga Moon Project is a project for children with special needs. It is based in tango songs with lyrics specially created for children.
There are 5 songs that we want to promote in order to help the project. We are in the process to re-record the songs, but you can listen to them here:
We are looking for an/or various artists who can create fully/partly animated music video for those songs based in their lyrics (the lyrics are on the same website too)
Unfortunately, because of the nature of the project, this is an unpaid job.
Any enquiry or suggestion, please to
We are based in Cardiff, Wales, UK

Hey Hey Hey

Hello, hows it going!


I'm an aspiring animator. :D Came here to get some answers


Hi everyone,

I've come here to join this community of people who have knowledge to share about animation. I'm very new to the medium and I am a member at the ConceptArt forums, which I joined to strengthen my drawing skills, but I feel that maybe this forum will be more relevant to my quest in working in animation.


Hi to everyone,

We're in the business of animation. And we offer free courses on 3D animation. Let us tell you all about the programme.

Hello, we are motion capture developers from Egypt and we would like to share with you our work.

Greetings fellow animation community.

I'm a longtime animation vet and indie artist currently living in New York.

Just decided to finally join AWN and come in from the cold after a 5 year hiatus from the industry. Hope all are well and looking forward to interacting with everyone.





Hello, my name is Allan and i'm working for flashcoms, an IT company, that provides flash applucations, here you can see my flash chat.
Also i develop a lot of free flash applications, animation and scripts.
Besides all this stuff, i like surfing and skating.
I travel a lot, so perhaps we'll meet one day to have an adventure;)

I am a lonly animator

its hard to get your foot in the animation industry's door.
lets see what happens here. I hope to meet interesting people:rolleyes:


Creator of Worlds

My name is David Perry, and I am a cartoon illustrator. I'm currently working on several projects, with two primary concepts.

The first, "Space Pirates," follows the exploits of a low-functioning paranoid schizophrenic that calls himself "The Captain." He clings to his psychiatrist, Hektor Weinstein, a cynical therapist that's lost his lust for the work.

The other is an anime concept called "Scratch." Scratch creeps alongside a man's life who, following a disastrous multi-layered relationship, becomes plagued with nightly dreams where he converses with The Devil about life, love, and plans for the future.

hi everyone

hi this is shan

New Member

Much thanks for the welcome. It is my intention to become and remain a respectful and abiding member of this group. I close

Phil Pense
Washington, DC

3wheel is an animation studio that develops and produces content for Film, TV and Commercials.

Hey there!

Really happy to of found a forum that is dedicated to animation! hard to find these days!

Im an animator, looking to better myself.

my website is


Hello everyone

uhm!.....well i'm 3d animator, and i'm blogin, all they way from botswana, i love animation, i suppose so does everyone in this site, i first came in contact with AWN back in 2006 when i was searching for animation tutorials and schools, i got to know of animationmentor and its tips and tricks through AWN, and so my animation journey began.

Hello everyone

Hello and welcome, Xavier. :) I'm a new member too! We're supposed to get access to the rest of the forum after 15 minutes, but it's been 24 hours and I still can only use this thread. Have you had better luck?

Hi Everyone! I'm happy to be here and make your acquaintance!

Hello everyone I am interested in traditional animation as well as the latest and greatest out there. :) Nice to meet you all.


Hi, just joined. I am an avid 2d animator and quite simply want to find out more and interact with others in the world of animation, and thats why I'm here.

Look forward to finding out more


I am anxious to learn more about animation

Every 15 minutes, a process runs that grants complete forum posting access to all users who have posted a reply to this main thread.

That is pretty cool; I haven't seen a forum do that before. :)

Anyway, I'm pretty new to animation. I picked up a copy of Anime Studio because it looked like a really good deal (I don't have a big budget or anything). I've been playing around with it for fun, making short animations with some friends.

You can see my work here:

I am a music lover, especially like DJ work. Please take care of.

New Member Sends Greetings !

Hello Fellow Animators! Thank you for having this forum. I teach an after school stop motion animation course for elementary school.


I'm an animator with an interest in traditional animation, as well as video game art. I joined AWN so that I could get some feedback on my work.

Hello all

I am part of a company that promotes and screens independent films in Los Angeles and would like to get to know this community.

HI there.. I am new to the forum and really liked the concept of spam filtering here.. Kudos!!

Hello Everyone

This website looks pretty cool!


I'm a real user and not a 'bot trying to push medicore products.

I am a real human unit. -blurck!-

I am ready to receive email instructions so that I may speak to other human units -bleurp_spedrik!-

thank you



I am an individual interested in animation business

looking to change my life

I'm a 37 year old man who always loved doodling and drawing, but wasn't smart enough to follow his heart. Looking to get back into it but just not sure how to go about it. any help or info would be great.

7th annual SoCal Film Fest Come Out and Join Us! 9/28-10/2/2011

The 7th annual SoCal Film Festival in Huntington Beach celebrates the art and culture of film Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2011. Check the website for details.
Filmmakers and Screenwriters, we will be accepting submissions for 2012
beginning in December. Visit us at:


i am sierra



Hi, I'm a creative producer, animation director, mentor and author. I'm also a founding member and current Hon. Secretary of The Animation Society of India. I work independently and also as a consultant to anyone who wishes to make use of my 25+ years experience in animation working on domestic as well as international projects.


Hello Everyone,

I'm a student of the Arts Institute and my focus is on 2d animation. btw, this forum rocks!

Hi there, I'm a dude that wants to become and animator, also interested in CG, digital sculpting and drawing

Hello there,
I'm pretty sure I registered on this forum years ago, but I probably just never got round to it.
But anyhoo, my name is Leo Tierney and I'm a filmmaker who enjoys the visual effects side of things, my work can be found on my website - - and I am also currently out of tea...

New Guy!

Hey everyone...
My name is Jon. Im a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Animation. Focused primarily on character animation and Im looking forward to being a part of this forum.


Hello everyone! :D

Animation Demoreel: :D

hi. i'm charles tinney. i animate. go to to view my work.

charles tinney chazamation