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I like cartoons

Hello, I really like cartoons. :D

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Account activation

By the way, can I have my account activated please? :)

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Enter Twanimate

I like Making things move and do crazy things! My name is Jordan! Anybody wanna make a funny movie, I'm all about comedy....

HI. My name is Nao. I love animation mostly traditional disney 2d animation.
Found this forum when I was research animation to further my education on my own. Hope to use this forum and website as a nice resource for usefull information.


Hi awn!

Hi AWN members... I have been an admirer of AWN for many years and finally am taking the plunge.

Hello everyone

Hi. nice meeting you all. I'm a 3D artist in search of Internships :) yeah doesn't sound very promising but hey gotta do what you like to do before you die.


Hi AWN members... I have been an admirer of AWN for many years and finally am taking the plunge.


Hi I'm Stephanie, I'm an illustrator/animator currently in undergraduate

None optional introduction


My name is Anthony and I am new here. I love animation and am trying to get more into it.

Shiny and New

Hi all, I'm David, soon to be animation graduate, look forward to doing the verbal animation dance with all of you.


Hi ppl

I'm a fresh 3D artist specializing in Texturing, Rigging and Animation.

Hello animators

Join to network with other animators


Hello, I am a animator, I would like to join this forum.

hey all im a hobby animator, writer, sound designer and all things needed to know in order to make a film. I joined to share some of my work and get some advice from more experienced people.

Hello everyone

Hello everyone, it's nice to be here.

Hello everyone, my name is Folkert.
Im an animation student in Holland, and i'm not even that bad. The only real problem i have is that I'm never really capable of finishing my animation film's, i'm here to find help for that, and to broaden my horizon


hi we require an EXPERIENCED 2d animator :) anyone interested or who knows anyone who would be interested contact me ASAP...


Hey everyone. My name is Joshua Armstrong. I've loved animation since I was a little kid. Disney's feature animated films were my earliest influences. I'm completely enamored with the fantastical, idealized world of animation.


Hey there this is Meemerz, im here to do some digging on a music video, hope you guys can help me! Been a while since i have been to the forums!


Hi there

I am an animation producer based in Auckland, NZ.

Hey Guys

Hi Guys, this is Robert, I am currently a student at The Art Institute of Houston.

Hi all
I'm Dhesi, a freelancer 3d artist from Indonesia...

hello everybody

hello everybody

Greetings, one and all. I'm somewhat of a self-taught animator, but an advid enthusiast netherless.


My submission to the 2011 teletoon pilot project

tell me what you guys think of my link! vote me up at >pilot project (left banner) > antarctica (most recent submission)


My name is Sean and I am interested in developing a cartoon for DVD. An educational cartoon for children based on a sports theme.

Would like to discuss the possibilities with a qualified individual or group that specializes in this.


Greetin's. I'm an up and coming high school student whose number one goal in life is to be able to animate for a living; after all, it is the focus of many of my desires and has become the passion/way of life for which I live. As a person, my definition is "animator". I am usually quite vibrant and humorous in nature, but in my nervous uncertainty for how I can attain the animator's future that I so desire, my quest for a suitable animation college has brought me here in a... depressingly solemn essence. The number one obstacle at the moment is the how-to of mapping out my educational path so that I can, in fact, become a professional animator.


Well hello there. The Joys of animation eh?


Hello Awn !

I'm a french student, passionate by animation for years and I hope find comments and critics on my jobs, in order to improve myself !


Bad Eye Deers Animations

Greetings all from Bad-Eye-Deers Animations..



Hello to all.

I'm just a teenager who prefers watching cartoons instead of watching those prime-time dramas. I'm still studying but I don't know if I will become an animator, but rest assured it will probably be one of my top choices when I choose.


hi frnds m new member here...a big animation lover & hoping to find here many required & useful info...

hi frnds m new member here...a big animation lover & hoping to find here many required & useful info...

Hi Debamita, a very unique name. Very nice, I hope you're artwork is as unique and you will make your mark as long as you're enjoying it.=D Welcome, i am a n00b as well. (let the fun begin shall we?")=D Just remember, draw from your heart and have fun. Let it flow and you will make your mark and be happy doing it. I hope you don't mind I am adding a link to what all this is about.(You don't have to like it but it's the principle.)=D

hey ya'll i am jacklinn and i am new in this forum,


You can call me Mendes :)

I'm a student (currently in high school) and I'm very interested in animation. I'm still pondering on what to do after HS, so I hope to come to a conclusion about pursuing this field of work or not with the help of this forum.

It's been something on my mind for the last 3 years, and the fact that I can't make a firm decision about it has been torturing me. I realize this may be due to lack of knowledge/information regarding this field, therefore my appreciation for the existence of a forum like this =D


hello I graduated from Artfx, and I want to share my work with other animators :)

Hello everybody............

Actually I am more into Gaming than actual animation. i needed sum help. Hopefully i can find it here.


We are from Xtreme Production and looking for animators

Hi all

Hello all. I am new in this business and looking to get all the experience i can!


Hello, XD I'm no great artist, but i want to learn that's why i probably joined this forum :)


hi all i am krish and i am new in this forum

I'm here since I'm interested in storyboards and the process to create an animation

hello all, i'm corine, nice to meet you ;)



I've arrived... :) :D

Oh hi thar!

Hi everyone, I am not an animator although I do love it! I am a sound designer. I came here to look for some awesome peeps to have a chin wag with about putting some blazing sounds onto some hot animations. Hope you are all fine and dandy :)

Replying to Post!

I usually lurk alot before i post but wanted to get this out of the way:D

hello awn!

hi everyone,
my name is Josh and I am a 3D character animator and a 2D flash animator from Australia. I am currently studying programming as I haven't been able to get work after only a year working int the 3D industry. I'm looking forward to checking out everyone's work.



I am Shomik Gupta. I am here to share the knowledge and information with you....related to animation, institutes etc. etc.

New to AWN

Hello everyone, I'm an LA based filmmaker working on a documentary that will feature animation.