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Hi, I am a graphic designer and illustrator with an interest in animation. I have joined this site to talk about traditional 2-D animation, as well as 3-D animation. Thanks!

Hi, i am new here and I want to say Hello everybody


Hello Animators!

hello admin! i'm coming



I'm excited to have found this website! I recently graduated with a BFA in painting, which I really enjoyed doing, but now I feel extremely lost. I assumed I'd pursue an MFA in painting, which I've been preparing to apply for during the last 8 months or so, but recently realized that I'm not as interested in teaching painting at the college level as I thought I might be. I've been trying to explore other options, and something I've always been extremely interested in and intrigued by is animation!
It's a scary thought to pursue something outside of my original field, but it's outrageously exciting at the same time, and I'm willing to work very hard for it! I'm not sure where to start, like should I go for a BFA in animation although I already have one in painting? Would many schools accept an MFA animation candidate without any animation classes under my belt or much experience in the field at all? If anyone has any advice they'd like to give, I'd appreciate it very, very much. Thank you!

Hey everyone, I'm Jeff. I enjoy oldschool animation (cels) and anime, and registered to get a bit of advice on working with acetate paper.

Hey there! I can't wait to get full access!

Trying to get answers to my questions


Hello everyone! I'm a 3rd year animation student from Canada. This looks like a fine community, so I've decided to join. Thanks!


Hello everyone! I'm a 3rd year animation student from Canada. This looks like a fine community, so I've decided to join. Thanks!

yes your absolutley right this area your entred coz many great great oerson using on this portal so plz keep in touch always


Hello everyone! I'm a 3rd year animation student from Canada. This looks like a fine community, so I've decided to join. Thanks!

Hi your in right area dear this the fine community which i ever had seen

Hi :) wanted to start learning animation to support my films, thought this would be a good place to start


Hi :) wanted to start learning animation to support my films, thought this would be a good place to start

yes you are in to a right are go ahead god bless u

Hi Everyone,

I am a musician who creates music and sounds that can be used in animation projects as I have always been interested in this field. I am based in Barcelona.




Welcome aboard..:)


My name is Malcolm, I am "co-king" of 10's of Dollars Productions, which produces a comic strip, animated cartoon series, books, music, live entertainment production etc.

I love cartoons, writing, voicing, playing music and a lot more.

I hope to interact with others in this forum and develop a solid network in comics & animation.



I like me JUST fine!

Good to be here

My quest was to find 2D animation software that really worked and I came up with AWN Forums. I already like what I've seen so I'm glad to join.

What's going on with AWN?

Guys, I'm sorry to whine about something, but 2 times out of 3 I can't log in, and the reader's projects forum says it hasn't seen a new thread since at least a month, while I posted one yesterday or today.
So what's going on here? Is this a sleeping site, or what?



B4 Animation is kolkata , India based animation Studio.

We work on all stages of animation,Illustration etc.


Suman Mondal
B4 Animation

Nice site! Looking for rewsume's and demos
Hi, about Paper Words

Hi, I've got a short film that will be airing on PBS. Hope folks can tune in.

Hi, I am Michael and I'm new to this site. I am a new comer and have just put forward my first step in the vast and fast world of animation. I don't have much knowledge but would like to gain and share whatever I have. As everybody knows that nowadays forums are the best source of knowledge and through forums we can learn a lot. I'm positively looking forward to the forum and its members and hope all will guide, share and help me to increase my knowledge. ;)



hello im new here!!




Making cartoons about childhood.

My name is Airick.
I am not lazy.
I have Aspergers.
I want to make amazing cartoons.
I am trying to make friends that like to animate.
Is this you?
I am sick of working in Hollywood.
I am sick of helping make terrible television.
I want to make something I love.
I want to make something that does not treat kids like idiots.
I want to make something that shows how crazy adults are.
I want mothers to send me hate mail.
Help me?



hi im peter lowey, im a 2d animator from melbourne australia


Could you add a little to this?


I'm newbie!!!

Hi, I hope to learn a lot from this website, and maybe add some decent and inspiring things in the future. :D

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I thought i have done it...


Suman Mondal
B4 Animation


Isn't it very tough to help in keeping the forum "spam free"...


Suman Mondal
B4 Animation


Hi, my name is Charlie Miller and i'm a character designer, illustrator and animator. You can check out my work on my blog-

Greetings and hello!

My name is Michael Davis, prospective college student and starry-eyed individual out to shape this side of the world.

Hailing from Houston, TX and hoping that I can learn more from this website than most other places/books I've seen/read.



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Request for Outsourcing


We are Kolkata , India based Animation Studio.

Our team is skilled in pre-production activities, viz., character design, character turnaround model sheet, character key poses, character lyp-synch model sheet, character color model sheet, storyboard design, Animatics and slug-in sheet.

We also work on Illustration, viral videos and e-learning.

We are seeking some good projects to do. .If you have any project in above mentioned category where we can do some part, please let us know.

We would be grateful for an opportunity to work on your project if you allow
us to work remotely from overseas.

Please check the link to our sample works:

Flash animation link:

2d cell animation link:

You can check our pre-production works on:

Thanks for your consideration.

Suman Mondal
B4 Animation


durr :D

btw, I'm Sally, trying to decide which college I want to attend right now.

Hi, I'm new. A lot I can learn here.

hi just new hope to learn

Looking for grants

I have a script that needs 2D or 3D animation...Anything?

got it


I'm an graphic/motion designer and 2D animator from Bosnia. I'm for 10 years in the business, worked few big animation projects and I joined here to get more involved in the animation community and learn something....

Hey Dan :)

Glad to be here!
A bit about me:
Name: Christian Comazzi, age: 37, attending MassArt - full time - Junior year, Animation Program. I am looking for feedback and advice as well as info on how to get into a good internship program.

Really happy that I found this forum

I'm an Asian-American high school freshman living in Southern California. I'm really interested in animation and aspire to make it into a career.

Hi everyone, new person here

Hello there.