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They have been working on the servers, that is what I have heard.

Hello World

I left a good summary of myself on my account already. XD
I am a college student, self teaching myself art. I have more experience in drawing in anime style, but I do not have a preference. The story dictates the art required.


I've been a professional photographer for many years, and drawing and flash movies I do for my nieces as a hobby. I do a lot of creative work, as birthday/weeding cards, brochures, advertisement, etc.. Last year I started to learn animation (how to write a story, how to draw a story board, 2d animation, 3dmax, flesh, after effects, etc.) and I enjoy it very much. Wanna to improve my skills and maybe made a carrier out of it one day.

Hello from a newbie with clay on his hands

Hi! My name is Wim and a newbie on AWN. I'm a book translator for 10 years now, and since a few moths at the same time writing my first book. But I just discovered stop-motion animation - claymation, to be presicely - and I figured I'm not to old to play with clay:D. After being a musician for some time I haven't done anything creative anymore for quite a while and I missed it. So this is a cheap and simple way to do something creative again. Just need some clay, a photo camera and a laptop, which I already had. But looking around on the internet, especially on YouTube, I discovered that the world of animation is quite big and diverse, so I decided to check it out and learn some new things.
I hope to learn a lot from this website, and maybe add some decent and inspiring things in the future. So far I've just made a few stop-motion thingies and I know I'm a real amateur, but I put them on YouTube anyway, hoping other people will enjoy it.
So hi, everyone!



I'm an animator from Toondra animation studio


Hi am john from india and i love animation


I have a passion for 3D animation, having used 3D Studio Max at University.


Hi everyone :p

We are new on here so please be patient


yo hi there

First post


I'm an animation artist and game designer. I co-own an animation company, and I specialize in character design, writing, and storyboarding. Our site is here:

Siyoniyong International, Inc.


Hi all, is this thing on? :rolleyes:


;) Hello :o

I am Darrick and live in USA:cool:

Hi there!

Hi there! I've been animating and reading things posted on AWN for years, but never bothered to check out the forum until now.

Just finished this animation

Check it out!
10 minutes
Mature Themes
Episode 1 of 12

Did the title of this thread just curse me off?

Anyways, I am sum1 that luvs cartoons so much that I almost failed primary school cause of my obsession =D


How is it going?
talalay latex


Hi. I just recently applied and was accepted to the digital animation school at East Tennessee State University. I'm extremely interested in becoming a digital animator and want to know all about it. I'm excited to learn all about it and i can't wait to get advice and to talk to others with the same interest.

Sound Designer

Hello, I am a sound designer looking to collaborate with animation projects.


i'm a writer and aspiring producer for animations and illustration books.


Joining the discussion on animation. I am a UI and Game designer


im a newbie on this field,hope i can learn a lot here..:)


I'm a newcomer as well. Trying to get opinions about couple of animation schools...

Hello, Every one!!
I am new to this forum community, I am very glad to join this community and I want to share my ideas and knowledge with the forum members and increase my knowledge,

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hi all

Hi, i like animatio, i am design graffic


Hello there guyz! xD

Like others I'm looking for answers. :)

Hello, I am new to animation and hope to gain some knowledge.

Hello Everybody!!
I am New to this forum. I am a student of animation. I am now doing a project for my Seminar.. Hope, everybody will assist me..:)

Hope I can find a better place in here. I want to be an animator!


I'm registering so that I can advertise the Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA), which will be held prior to SIGGRAPH this year.

SCA is a very high quality forum for animation research that has attracted papers from top researchers in academia and industry for the last 10 years (we have had past papers from ILM, R+H and Dreamworks), and we hope to assemble a high quality program this year as well.

free movements for projects

Hi all. These BVH movements are completely free and can be imported into most programs to give some funky movements to characters you've created. You do need register but there is no cost or trial period. There are useful standard movements (stand, walk etc) as well as some funky ones like guitar playing and fighting. I would highly recommend "kick in balls". :D
They come direct from Animazoo, a motion capture specialist.

single ranger

hello because of single ranger i learn how to participate any forum....thanks for the tips to guide us and i can enjoy post my idea and help some people who likely to read forum...:confused:


I just loaded Painter 12 upgrade on my new i-Mac....and it said installation was successful....but it will not open.

It keeps giving the message: Corel Painter 12 quit unexpectedly. (which is a lie; it never opened) Click Reopen.....(but it doesn't open, just gives same message.) Wouldn't you know that Support is closed now.....:( and I am wondering if anyone had the same problem and how it was dealt with???




i wantd to learn animation ...n require sm came here..
hope dis can help me...:)

Trying to find a good animation school to go to in Australia, current outlook is bleak :(


Hey everyone!
I am an animator from chandigarh.I would like to join AWN forum in order to share my work with you people and would like to have feedback on my work.

ux design

Hi, thanks.
I want just to read and search threads for the sake of research.

Mr Matthew J Dean BA Hons

Hello everybody, Matt here why not drop me a email if you are an animator in the UK...


Hello Everyone..

I'm an animator just hoping to learn stuff here.

Elephant In The Parlor Dot Org

nah, im not spam, its just that this dude abides!!

now gonna peruse all the sections on the site...

cheers!! :D

Hello Everyone

I am a Creative Writer of a brilliant story in seek of conversing with other Creative people in designing Animation.

Looking for artist :)


I am a Creative Writer of a brilliant story in seek of conversing with other Creative people in designing Animation.

Looking for artist :)


we are india based design and animation company

Hi there! I also run a webcomic which can be read at

another animator

Hi all,

Looking to hang out with other animator types.


Animation outsourcing works

We are India based design and studio and animation studio looking for co-producers /investors

Hello everyone ,I am a animator and i want to join AWN to share my animation and get feedback.

Hello everyone, I'm currently in college studying psychology and studio art. I have always enjoyed watching animation and drawing for fun. I just recently decided it's something I want to do and I would like to have a shot at it.