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Hello - replying again, so I can gain access to the forum threads. I did it once before but not sure what happened?


Here is my obligatory reply. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed typing it and spell-cherking it.

Hi everyone

Joining to try and improve my animation skills


Yeah I just realised it says to name the post "hello".

Hi, we're a band called Camel Walk!
We're here to learn good animation! And good stuff!

New Members

Hi, I am Rita, I love sports and fashion, I also love make friends with everyone, I am now working in a international trade company called Prima Printing Waiter CO.,LTD

Starship to Enterprise

Hi. I am new and stuff. That is all.

hello every1....this is shiladitya...i love animation & am studying in an institute to become an animator one day myself....i would love to share & gain knowledge from u all.......thank u!!! :) :) :) :)


My son is starting college this year and is having a hard time finding people in this industry to talk to.


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Hi I am Tara. I love Animes and Cartons.:) Hope this would be a great site for me.:)

Hi from Ut

I'm Doug, I've worked in 2D Animation for Xam's Productions, I did the Spider-Man, The Hulk, Batman, and other series as well like, Carebears, laser tag, it's Puncky Brewster.
Then I worked for Disney as a Cartoonist at the Disney Studio's in California.



Hi all, looking forward to joining the community!


Hello! New here! Hoping to get some good information about how to pitch ideas.


I'm looking for a student animator who's interested in working on an app for a museum in London...

Was in the biz


I was in the animation industry for 12 years. I worked on TV shows, movies, and video games. Doing character animation, game design, and VFX.

I left the biz a while ago to start my own company making other stuff using what I learned working in animation.

Hi folks, I have always wanted to be an animator. Be gentle. :o

First New - New Member Post

Earlier this morning, in a bleary-eyed attempt to prune some spammer posts to this forum, I deleted the entire Reply to This Post thread, which had 150 pages of people's greetings and hello going back a couple years. Before I knew what happened, it was permanently gone. Talk about starting your day off on the wrong foot.

So, we're starting fresh. Reply to the post above, tell us something about yourself, and welcome to the Forums.

hi salil hear

Hello everyone ,I an a animator and i want to join AWN to share my animation and get feedback.
Digital marketing Company


I have join this websites for helping animation as i have read massage of administrator of this websites he wrote if you want full access you have reply this thread. Canvas Prints

Hello again

Hi all

Hi, I'm italian, but I'm not guilty for that. I'm a designer and I would like to learn animation too. For that reason I thought to came here, within specialist. I hope so. I speak a primitive english that confirm my latino's charme... ahem... :D


I want to join this community to share ideas and learn more.


We are pleased to be registered here.

B4 Animation

Suman Mondal
B4 Animation

Looking for Outsourcing


We are B4 Animation and we can work on any stage of the 2CLASSICAL/FLASH animation process including storyboards, character development, backgrounds, key frames, in-betweens,etc.

We also do cover-design,Illustration design,E-card animation and Viral Videos.

We would be greatful for an opportunity to work on a project if anyone allows
us to work remotely from overseas.

Please check out some animations :

Warm Regards

Suman Mondal
B4 Animation


I need an animator.

I have come here, in need for an animator.

Reply to thread

the time zone is wrong on my computer, I thought It has been an hour!

I wanted to tell people, that I have come here looking for an animator, and I need all the help I can get.


Hello I am a fine artist looking to get into animation...

Looking for answers

I'm looking for answers to my questions, though I feel I am probably the only one who can answer them. But reassurance helps. :)





Earlier this morning, in a bleary-eyed attempt to prune some spammer posts to this forum, I deleted the entire Reply to This Post thread, which had 150 pages of people's greetings and hello going back a couple years. Before I knew what happened, it was permanently gone. Talk about starting your day off on the wrong foot.

So, we're starting fresh. Reply to the post above, tell us something about yourself, and welcome to the Forums.

we are india based animation company
Designs that, to the buyer’s point, are eclectic, and ideas, judged lofty enough for the creative space…

What we, at Amtec Design & Animation Studio, have to offer is this genuine combination of aesthetic and technological finesse. Our products that take root from the most original ideas are crafted with passion, in keeping with the latest trends but most importantly, according to your dreams.

Entertainment-based Creative Animation being our forte since our inception in 2006, it makes us proud to have been acknowledged as one of the major players dealing in all types of Business Branding including Corporate movies and Design Products as also Web/Graphic Designing and so on.

Backed by a vibrant pool of talented Animators and Modeling professionals, we are also into Digital Marketing and Architectural Designing.

With a wide range of operations spanning India and the Middle East, and winning accolades across Europe, the company has successfully catered to a huge group of satisfied clientele among Global 2000 companies. The availability of cost-effective yet talented work force adds to our vantage factor and the client-centric focus leads to a long lasting relationship of mutual respect with the clients.

With roots in new media and with well-chartered priorities in branding, brand development & brand sustainability, the trust that our valuable clients place on us is our greatest inspiration.


Amtec aims to become a role-model in all its diverse yet inter-connected interests and priorities in animation & designing, through interesting innovations as also maintaining the credibility factor in terms of quality of our products.

Our effort is in pursuit of realizing a dream to become one of the world leaders in the chosen field, catering to major production houses and developing & delivering in house Intellectual Properties. The social commitment, a major concern since our beginnings, is also to be taken to a deeper level, enabling easy access for layman.


Our strength is the highly dedicated, passionate team of professionals who discuss, debate, fight and co-operate – all for a great cause.

The reliable team of Animators takes pride in their work with wide exposure in several international projects and with work experience in multinational studios with output to client majors like Disney, Cartoon Network, BBC, Marvel and Paramount Pictures.


my name is Abdullah. I'm currently an animation & illustration student in the UK.
I joined this forum because I hope to learn from various people's experiences and insights, I'm planning to show samples of my work as soon as I feel confident enough to share :)
The biggest factor that got me into drawing is my passion for comics, especially Marvel Comics and to a lesser extent DC Comics. I would gladly accept criticism and tips on how to improve or tips about techniques.

Hi, I'm Adam Smith, I'm looking for guidance on simple 2D animation.

hello-new member

I'm an illustrator with an interest in traditional animation, as well as video game art. I joined AWN so that I could get some feedback on my work.

im new here

hey uh i guess im supposed to reply here so... i just did

Hello everyone.

I'm a produced and published writer with an animated feature in pre-production.


G'day, Eh

G'day, eh.
My name is Travis! Newly Joined to the AWN world.
I love to dabble in script writing and story creation, and also doodle-up fun characters and caricatures.

Hello all, I'm Regina! :p

I'm an animation student who wants to be more active in the community. I can't wait to talk to some of you and hopefully get (much needed) constructive criticism on my work!

Hi i'm miek! :O

i'm an aspiring animator!

Hi. I'm home...

Jon here. I am currently finishing my generals at MSUCOT here in Great Falls, Montana. I plan to continue my schooling in Missoula, MT at U of M to obtain my BA in Media Arts, focusing on integrated digital media. I have drawn all my life, and creativity is my life. Everything I imagine can be done and I love it when I get done and it is what I imagined(sometimes better) I really want to explore the world of 3D stop motion after I graduate, and I am always eager to learn new STUFF! :)


Tom great thinking go ahead u can achive the height in animation field

HI tom

Dear tom we wish u the success in your bright thinking and thoughts

Starting out late

Being over fifty it seems like going back to school would seem silly. I want to learn as much as I can on my own. It sure would be great to attend some of the big schools since there are so many now. Maybe I'm just dreaming. (But isn't that what animation is like anyway? Dreaming out loud.

Howdy! Dreeko here!

Hello everyone I really enjoy animatiion and at the moment I'm using Muvizu to produce my short videos and i really want to join AWN to share my animations see if all like them as much as me.



hi im new here

New Member Greeting All

Hey all, I am new member of this great forum. We all will enjoy this forum and animation too.

still waiting for access to the rest of the forum. Is there a problem with activation?