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Knowledges about Pitching

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Knowledges about Pitching

Hello Friends.

I don´t know if this is the right place to post this topic, but I think here we can talk about anything, anyway sorry if i´m making spam.

I´ve been looking for pitching information, and I´ve heard or read at some place that there are pitching festivals. Do you know any of those festivals?

What we should do to pitch there? Who are the producers that goes to those festivals? Are them honest? How can we protect our ideas from being stolen? or it isn´t a danger at all?

Or Is there another ways of pitching? What others do you know?

Thanx for your answers I´m sure you are helping a lot of more animators with this information, feel free to post links please.

Thanx again.

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If u are an administrator please unlock me :(

If u are an administrator please unlock me :(

Those look like great questions. I have seen some pitches, on video, but I am not sure if they were how the process really works. The videos reminded me of snake oil salesmen, talk fast and be very energetic.