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If you are a skilled animator read this

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If you are a skilled animator read this

I am looking for anyone skilled in drawing, animating or took animation classes to join my team(mostly animating). We are just pitching our ideas to Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and other companies. So basically all we're doing is creating a pilot, (23 pages) Character sketches and bios, Backgrounds, and a bible.

If your interested in helping and are wondering about pay. If you accept we and after we evaluate you we will assign you as a co-creator and *IF* we make money out of it...get green lighted we split the profit.
Anyone interested post here

hi mate i just read your message im a 2d animator and manga artist designer that is very skillful i can also animate in flash or traditonal as well im intereted of joining your team but where about you far ? this my email i show you some of my work but i dont have a web site yet

kind regards



good post. thanks for sharing.


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interesting man, checkout my portfolio in

skilled animator

I met with some execs from Nick a couple of weeks ago. Before you do anything, ask them what kind of shows they're looking for. Also, they don't want pilots they just want to see character descriptions, designs and story outlines. They told me that the ideas can be restricted if a pilot is made too soon.

Cartoon Network want pilots, but it's worth checking with them what things they're looking for. Nick are bring out TMNT later this year, so they don't want action/adventure cartoons at the moment.

Just a heads up, so I hope that helps. As an animator, I know firsthand how much work it takes to pull these things off, so I don't want you to waste your time in case animation isn't needed. I hope it works out for you, though.

@ EZ can u send me some of ur manga work.