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TV Series First Or Feature Film?

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TV Series First Or Feature Film?

We're planning for a private production company, and I'm wondering about the right choice as the first project, and what is known as the right step? Producing a TV series or an animated feature film?. Are there any considerations?

I'd appreciate it, thank you :)

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Animated Life

IMO I think it depends how much money you have

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I think you will start from the TV series. it is best to enter in this industry.

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Maybe it would be good to start with a little series, and if you pitch it and get a good producer or a network to produce it, you can fund the proyect very well. Thats what I think Ill do in the future.

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If you can get interest from a local broadcaster, go for a TV series.

If you can get interest from private investors, go for a feature film.

Why? Because the TV market is crowded with very experienced, established production companies who know how to make series efficiently. If you don't have a broadcaster backing you, it's an uphill struggle to finance your production.

In the feature film market, you get more renegade, independent studios who can and do "make it up as they go along" - meaning that you've got as good a chance as anyone else. Just make sure you do it in stereoscopic 3D. :D

As Mikey said, if you have broadcaster interest and can lock in licensing early on go for a Tv series. if not and you still have the resources to produce a film go for it.

i was in the same boat you were in and was forced to go the feature way because tv series were not being commisioned here in INdia. It was only possible to go the feature way, which we did. Project releases this summer May 2010.

if you have any specific questions do let me know, be happy to share what i have learned.

Suggestion only abt the capital

Yes dear,All I beleive in the same suggestion provided earlier.
Its all about the CAPITAL you have got in hand for the initiation of the project.
First of all be imperative on budget you can implement on the aforesaid project,and we shall go ahead with the suggestion trend.

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TV series sounds like the way to go

If you're not experienced then the best way