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Running Barefoot vs. shoes; heel first or ball of foot first?

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Running Barefoot vs. shoes; heel first or ball of foot first?

I thought this might be interesting since so much of animation training focuses on the biomechanics of walk and run cycles. The clip below offers some nice video reference. (full article)

[QUOTE]The study stirring the most buzz was led by Harvard evolutionary biologist Dr. Daniel Lieberman.

It's the first to compare how much impact the body takes when a runner is wearing shoes or is barefoot. Using high-speed video, the study revealed barefoot runners strike with their forefoot and suffer less jarring to their bodies. When you're barefoot, you're going to land with the portion of your foot that is most springy. And think of the barefoot run as a game of hot potato -- if you know you have rocks and glass on that surface, you're going to move more carefully and pick your feet up quicker.

Shoe wearers strike with their heel and deliver a shock to their overall body that is two to three times their body weight. Lieberman's test subjects were Kenyan runners who had spent their lives running barefoot and the Harvard track team, which runs in shoes.
Barefoot vs. shoe running

I bought the Survival Kit, but this link is helpful for me. ( If I ever get to walk cycle )