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Astro Boy

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Astro Boy

After seeing "Astro Boy" I have a question about the character. If any of you go to see "Astro Boy" could you post anything odd in the movie. I do not wont to say anything about what I saw because that my put it in your heads.

As side from that, the movie was as good as the series, as for as the story line goes. The art work, animation are all top notch.

I thought it was odd that in the American version he can't run around wearing just his speedo and boots, but still has machine guns coming out of his hiney ...

The one thing that stuck out was that Astro's head looked like a bobble head. This happen about half way through the show and there is no way I am going to go back and check. The movie is good but not that good.

So Jabberwocky, there is an americanized version to all movies? We are such prudes.