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2D vs 3D!

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2D vs 3D!

I'm planning to attend VFS in 2010. But I have an artistic question I hope you can help me with:

I'm a classical animator, and that's what I'm doing & love. I grew up with Miyazaki's works, and I'm in love with his films & magic. I've worked on cartoons, got some awards and I have a good level of life drawing, although, I'll be attending Foundation first (Which leads me to the doubts I have). And you may check my cartoon animation and artworks at my website (, it could give you a closer look about my work and style,

The thing is, I've been into 3D animation lately (just thinking about it, not doing it), and particularly when it comes to the freedom of directing (as directing is a passion). Plus, the realistic look of the CG animation in some styles, which I admire, and what makes me love Miyazaki's style even when it's classical.

Is it a wise decision to study 3D instead of 2D?, move to 3D and get involve in it professionally?
what is the advice you can give me regarding this?

I'd really appreciate it, thank you,

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Animated Life

Animated Life

Others here will go into this more but the art of 2D is totally compatible with 3D. All of the studios produce 2D work of their feature films, before working on the 3D.

you say it as if your going to be afflicted by a horrible disease if you deal with 3d. it wont cause you to forget anything you have done in 2d. if you want to you can make your 3d look like 2d. in both appearance and motion

if your not aware of it already, when using a 2d package that uses bones the same can be said for 2d that appears to be 3d

vfs is most likely going to lead you in the direction of maya but look into cat for 3d max. cat will save you loads of time. productivity will increase by a ridiculous amount.

I looked at your drawings there good but the shading really stood out, hatching, etching. whatever you consider it. I doubt you know it but you can do the same thing in 3d, by painting directly on the model. you could paint with the shading from one of you drawing if you wanted to.

your options will grow and the amount of ground you can cover will increase. but thats about all that will happen. you will have to learn how each 3d program you use works. meaning each will have its own workflow

I think your role as a student is to experiment and try new things - so definitely sign up for 3D classes. Once you have a little more of a background you can decide for yourself which works best.

I'm not familiar with VFS but I would hope you can take a variety of classes without having to commit to one style of animation. At least in the first year.

Whatever you decide, you need to have your heart in it.

if you can get it, you might as well start using zbrush. most likely thats what you will be using to make your characters. its pretty easy to use. seriously you could give that to a 1st grader and they would have no problem making anything you could throw at them.