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need estimate budget for cel animation

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need estimate budget for cel animation

I am just wondering
What would be the cost 11 minutes 2d cel animation similar to'' avatar-the-last-airbender''.


The standard quote remains at about $10,000 per minute of animation--so figure AT LEAST $110,000.

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as a contrast to Ken's rate, im working on something right now which is coming to about 7000-8000 min mark.

so i guess your budget would be between 75,000-100,000 USD mark. there are other ways of cutting costs however...

tahnx for replying both of you.

i am talk with one client who is interested to doing cel animation .
for budget concern he wanted to outsource the project to india.

if it's possible to do the work in 1-1.5 lakh Rs per minutes.

thats about 4000$ a minute. its def possible in India but you have to be careful who is working on it.

since you are just looking to price it out, you ought to know what your team is capable of. 50,000$ is decent to work with, you could deliver if you storyboard smart and allocate action accordingly.


avatar-the-last-airbender was done in Korea I believe, with pre-production work in US.

You can go with Rs. 1700-2500 per sec ($2000-3000) but you're scraping the bottom. Meaningful quality similar to your reference can be done in India at around $5000-8000/ min or so.

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we are interested to making this 2D animation

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Sub:Request for Animation Project
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are we still talking animation?

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need estimate budget for cel animation

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