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Moving from Flash to....??

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Moving from Flash to....??


i have been working with Flash over the last 4-5 years, the reason i chose Flash to begin with was -

1) easier to find crew
2) cost of software was relatively lower
3) shorter learning curve.
4) limited studio size (between 4-12)

now, things are stabilising and i am taking a 5 year look, where i expect the studio to touch 20 odd people (animators, BG, layout & compositor) and i am wondering if i should move up the product value chain.

one of the things is that my work process has so far has been more maverick than anything and i am looking for some sort of system and process stability as well savings in time...

opinions, ideas, reservations....

Are you going to try to build a separate production pipe line?

yes, definitely a new pipeline if i can find the tool to put everything under one organized roof...


we have a very SMALL pipe to line in (heh), but are you using After Effects as well? The CS4 Production Suite has a set of programs that I use.

Just my $0.02...


i dont use After Effects in the studio, i send out to an external FX and compositor.