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Asian Studio Needed For 2D Feature Film Production!

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Asian Studio Needed For 2D Feature Film Production!

Hello again,

I've posted a thread before looking for a team to work on a TV show, and I received good proposals from couple of studios. Although, after working on the story development, we've decided to produce our concept as a 2D Animated Feature Film planned for theaters release,

We have a Pre-Production studio in our company, which will be finishing up the Animatic of the film, in order to produce it then in an animation studio overseas,

Here we're looking for an Asian Animation Studio that can handle the full production of our project. Working on this film will be a great chance for our company and the animation studio as well, since it's going to be the first animated feature film in our country, which will be hitting the Gulf theaters as well as many Arabic theaters, and with a strong media support.

For your contacting and for more information about the project, please email me:

Thank you,

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Animated Life

Animated Life

Have you tried contacting Flamenode? They seem like a decent asian studio, they are housed in Beijing, China. They have demo reels for 2D and 3D and some of their work looks just FABULOUS! They are also usually pretty quick to answer your emails and such.

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Thanx BrioCyrain. Yes I've contacted them before, but we haven't made an agreement, since we have specific requirements regarding the quality and style,


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Let me know what kind of quality you are in need.


we are in animation production house INDIA.................

our web site:


plz. mail your details. we will be ready to do all type of animation work


In the case the production may be addressed to a location other than Asia, you might consider my services as an animation provider.

Asian Studio Needed For 2D Feature Film Production

This has been recommended before:

Independent Feature Film Production: A Complete Guide from Concept Through Distribution
by Gregory Goodell Author

I havent picked it up myself yet, but I will.

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