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Patriot - My New Animated Short.

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Patriot - My New Animated Short.

Hi all,

I recently completed my animated short, Patriot. Would appreciate if you could check it out.

the link is:

would appreciate feedback, and feel free to circle it about if you like it.



I thought it was quite moving. You did a wonderful job shifting from past to present. I especially loved the transition between the main character receiving his medal and then switching back to the camp. The similar formation, his being on the other side of the screen. One day a hero, the next the enemy. Very well done. I like the character design, the drawing, the color scheme.

Minor crits - I found the clouds a little distracting in the beginning.

I read the synopsis before I viewed the short and now I'm curious if it would stand alone without an intro. I wonder if today's audience would recognize the classic imagery of WWI - the trenches, the helmets, the Iron Cross itself. That's not really a crit for you, just that WWI isn't as readily recognizable as WWII. So the synopsis really helped set the stage for me.

Anyway, it's a wonderful piece and leaves me with a lot to think about - war, soldiers, generations ... thanks.


well done and congratulations!


Well done, indeed!

You had my full attention throughout...and left me wanting more!

I'm no history buff, but I totally got the WW1 references (Trenches, uniforms, flag) and understood how it was needed to set up the story.

In regards to wanting more, I could totally imagine how the story could continue in many different directions...and perhaps thats what you intended, eh? Who knows! ;)

Anyhoo, excellent animation!