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Art Directors can be .......well I'm not going to go there hahahahahaha

but only a " B+" man thats tough I thought they are really cool. But what do I know I'm all self taught myself. Never had to art work for a grade.

Yes I worked for all the major studios. I have my IATSE cards in scenic art, sign writers, set builders and art Directors. I worked on a bunch of named movies and TV shows and have had my art all over the big screen but that was then and now I just look at the old pictures and reminice.
I lived up on Mulhollan drive just outside of beverly hills for quite some time and then baught a home in South Corona out near Riverside and then I semi retired and moved here to Nevada.



I was talking about color over at another forum and posted some of my "color theory" assignments there. I decided I'd post 'em over here too. The pics are acrylics around 18" x 24".

"Hue Shift", uses white to black tones in blue.

My cool color painting:

My warm color painting.

Another Warm Color painting of mine.

: )


Well...I'm sworn to secrecy about that!!


Thanks much for dropping in and commenting!


Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I've posted anything.

Some of you might remember I lost both of my parents to cancer in 2007.

Then the real "fun" began dealing with family and banks etc, dividing/selling/getting rid of 2 lifetimes of possessions, including a car and house.

Fortunately I've still gone to school (throwing myself into art clasess)...but often I haven't felt much like doing anything else. Including posting on my favorite forums.

Thought I'd explain why I haven't posted or commented here in ages.


Fall semester was fantastic. I took an Art Anatomy was so cool.

Here's a charcoal and conte' Lower Leg Anatomy Study I did for the class:

Over the holidays I did a bunch of digital art. I just finished a "speed painting" of the Eagle, captured the process and posted it on YouTube. Even though it was quick...I used a lot of the techniques I've been learning in school.

Check out the YouTube video here (3:14):

Another digital pic I finished recently.

Hopefully I can post more soon.

Thanks for looking in,

Jeff (Jephyr)

hey dude your coloured sketch - you did really well in having a focal point there, the way the nearest hand is slightly out of focus and the face etc is sharp. It draws the eye in well. Nice one! And cool rendering, I wonder where the teddy came from? haha.

Oh...and WAY late...but thanks!!

I wonder too! hahahaha

Hi all,

Not many folks posting here recently. : ) But thanks to a lota folks looking in...and to those who took a peek at my new video too.'s a pic I did in class Thursday.

The instructor had me and two others draw along with her at the front of the class. Then the model took 3 short poses for gestures. By the time he hit this last pose I was WARMED up!! : )

18 x 24", 6B Charcoal on newsprint


'N here's a speed sketch of a pudy-cat I created in Sketchbook Pro w/ my Wacom:

Thanks for looking in!


Hello again, I finished another semester...for an art classes I took Life Drawing III..and took but ended up dropping Painting II at the mid-point.

Good thing I dropped that class 'cause as we hit the home stretch and I had my final portfolios due I got hit with a BAD flu. I didn't go to the Dr...but it was the exact same weekend the media began hysterically reporting that we were all going to die from the Mexican Swine Flu.

Then as I was recovering I got the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had.

: )

Ahh well...I'm still onto the art.

It took me a bit to get back to drawing at the end of the semester...but here's some schtuff I've done in Sketchbook Pro with my Wacom tablet:

I did another CamStudio video "capture" of the drawing above in progress and added titles and music. You can see it on my YouTube page here:


Recently, a friend challenged me to do more drawings strictly from my's one:

This is my first outside piece for my portfolio 1 in Life Drawing's from a UFC fight photo I found on-line. Done in Charcoal and Conte, 22 x 30":

Been working on Pastel a's a pastel from a model we had in class (on grey paper, 18 x 24):

You can see swabs along the side where I did color tests.

Thanks for looking in...comments are of cash and other valuables are highly encouraged. : )

Ciao for now!

I really like your charcoal anatomy study and your attention to lighting throughout. Good stuff. Love the teady bear. :D

Chairman what can I say you blow me away........your charcoal and pastel chalks are fantastic.... love the Ted E. Bear too! I'm hoping everything is well with you?!


hey dude, its been a while, glad to see you're still posting away :D - and awesome posts at that. I love the pastel work. Really really cool

LOOOOONG time no see!!!!! :o

ANIMATIONFREAK, cartuneman, thee_nethken!!: Thank you each for taking a look at this thread...oh so long ago...and for your kind words and encouragment!

It probably won't seem like it after all this time but when I opened this thread and saw them just now...I really appreciate them!!

I'm still at art but many things have been keeping me from being a denizen of forums like I used to. I have posted a bit over at Concept Art but even that has been pretty rare.


In the world of strange parents house JUST sold!!! Took almost 4 years in this bad economy...but at long last it did!!


I made a 4 minute or so video for a school contest where I go...and it sums up the last 5 years of my new career as an artiste'! ;)

If you wanna check it out:


Hopefully this summer I can post more here and check out your threads and comment on what you've been up to!

So until then...Ciao fer now,

Chairman (Jephyr, Jeff, Hey Numbskull etc) :D

You could work that up into an advertisement clip for you school.

Wontobe: Thank you so much...and to anyone who's taken a look.

It was for a contest and I won first place and a nice $$ prize! The college will indeed be using it to advertise the school and the art department has specifically asked to use it on their department page.

I may make a few corrections (typos especially) before they post it...but otherwise it's "in the can".

Thanks again! :)