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character in training

you will need adobe shockwave, should auto install

I started this one using the same walk which doesnt have any elbow action
I'll correct it later, just trying out some motions

twirl up

cloth motion, coming at you

the character isnt there but this is wrapped around a character but not attached to the character

this might be of interest to some of you, since Im sure more than a few of you like to draw

I made this head by drawing three lines using my patented three line head technique

a little shape change

threw the head on a body, this was really to see how fast I could throw a character together. this is the walk that come out of it

some stretch its not pretty, but it is stretching

putting some motion in the hair. the movement is a little stiff

checking it in motion

I got back to this today, its just a drop but coming along

Could you post some picture of your work. You got me curious about what is going on at your web site. Thanks

my website is terrible I pretty much use it as a depot, just to store my files. I have yet to dress it up but Im going to go ahead make that standard powerhouse of an interactive website. Ive put it off long enough

I made a slight change what Im trying to do is have it be as animated as its 2d counterpart the neck and the head need some movement

experimental animation 2