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its a pegbar affair

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its a pegbar affair

hi guys,

we're having an animation end of summer party in dublin, ireland if anyones in the country. peg bar is a fun gathering of animators. The aim of this gathering is to bring Irish and UK animators together to view each others work, chat and make new cool animator friends. This years peg bar affair will be held upstairs in Murrays Bar on O’Connell St. At the venue there will be two projectors and a load of wide screen

check out

sounds good, im just goin into my 2nd year of animation in iadt dun laoghaire, dont really have anything to show but ill definitely drop by with some of my animation buddies.

How much is it in ?

its the sweet price of nothing at all (surprising for dublin i know).......just a bit of fun for everyone with a load of films showing

i hope to see you and dont worry this aint the last peg bar event so when you get your film together give us a shout

peg bar pics

just if anyones interested

here are the pics of 'its a peg bar affair'

the night was a success and we are currently building and developing peg bar for the next event in january

check out the pics at

That was nice, how about a long range plan centered around the 2012 Olympics?

Ah the crac

Looks like everyone had a great time-

I found myself straining at the pictures having taught at Dun Loaghaire for a year and Ballyfermot for four years. It would be fun to teach over there again...though I could hardly afford it the first time.

Ru say "hi" to Thelma Chambers for me...