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How to - End credits from 300 & rataouille vids attached

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How to - End credits from 300 & rataouille vids attached

i am working on something where the camera moves from shot to shot along the lines of the following two videos both end credits one from 300 and the other from rataouille. the shots will be done in 2d on my side.

any ideas.

Didn't those guys in "300" do some crazy workouts to get in shape for the movie?

What about the "Monsters Inc." intro?

Oops, I thought you were looking for cartoony credits and I thought of Monsters Inc.

i was looking to do the seamless camera move in both the videos attached. i already have the shots.

Seems to be mostly a compositing job. i.e. animate each element seperately and use a comping software as if it were a threedimensional multiplane camera.
You could probably simulate a fairly similar setup in any 3D package using alpha channels for transparency.

edit : yup, Maya and AE :

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