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Some Recent Work

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Some Recent Work


Don't know my thread went to...but here's some newer stuff!

The watercolors- two were painted Saturday, one Friday- all on beautiful Tybee Island, Joja.

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More stuff

Here are some Ty B. Bear sketches....

So tell me, what's vacationing like on Tybee Island? I desperately want to make it to America for the first time in my life in 2009.

Vacation on Tybee Island

Actually, I am headed to the beach right now...for some painting and drawing.

Vacation on Tybee is relaxed...the beach is pretty much natural. Because of the storms a few years back - they have installed jettys and breaks to hold the sand and to limit beach eroision. There is surfing, sunning, walking, genrasl beach play. Beach shops are located on Tybrisia Street and Butler Street (route 80). Tons of great places to eat!

Here are a few snaps from a couple of days ago...

If I get the jobs I am iin for and need help I will let you know...

If I get the jobs I am iin for and need help I will let you know...

:D Much appreciated!



I'm the new one here.

Anindya Sinha Thakur

Today's Sketch

Here is today's sketch...

BTW...Hey can start your own thread