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Although i'm off to Dallas in a few hours on business, I've started this new character. Originally the guy had no forehead and even though it's generally wrong i liked it anyway. Then I redrew him with a deep oval sloping forehead, which makes him more plausable. The last is a quick expression sketch. I'm taking my materials with me, so I hope to have him more fleshed out when i get back.

In the past month I moved to Ct. Going to set up the drawing table today, but the comp is still in storage....bummer.

My main project right now is a 3d model of a Hot Wheels car called The Rogue Hog. I'm planning on super detailing it...

Just a couple of concepts for some 3d work...the first needs a bit more love. The second will probably just get a 2d workover...thanks for looking.

a character I'm starting to work through...

getting loose on this Christmas morning...I'll be out with the family nonsense, so all I'll have is my traveling sketchbook...bummer...Anyway Happy Holidays to everyone!

Just a clip out of a page i did last night before going to bed...starting to work with silouettes. I should be doing this wasn.t but a quick exercise...

More silouettes...also gave me a chance to work with paper making and lighting effects...about 2 hrs of messing around and dealing with a crash that lost me two good ones...oh well, that teaches me not to save after each one...enjoy.

Seems I'm in this flow...I'm going to start painting one out per sheet...

finished off this study in digital for a friendly comp over at Threedy. When I get the model finished I'll be going back to fix and finish...crits welcome as always...

Tonights work

This is a very nice speed paint, the colors are wonderful, I just find it a tad blurry. Still very very cool.

Reality is stranger than Fantasy're right. I have seen some Oddworld stuff, but not all of it..suprising. I'm sure I'm no different than anyone else when it comes to scooping up reference. There are times when I just try to find a pleasing shape and run with it. That's how the Kabobs happened. In my 3rd year at school we were told to read one on a list of books and illustrate some scenes form it. I picked War of the Worlds. The descriptions for the tripod were excellent..imagine my suprise when a year later, Tom Kidd brought in his version during a lecture, they compared very closely...I am also enthralled by the character model design used by Animation Mentor and am currently working on some concepts out of my sketchbooks to come up with something for me to work with. Should have them up in a couple of days for feedback.

Starting to work with curves. It's a different approach than Polygon's or sub-d, but the main thing is that you have to be able to see the shape with lines and then essentially attach those curves to make a sheet of material to work from...

Spent to much time on the paper this morning...only 5 this time...started painting out one from the previous page (to be shown soon.)

I can definetly see that first one as a 3d character! Nice work :D

getting there...

just finished...


i like that head image..reminds me of the bucky o hare days...

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With the current discusion on Jab's Jekyll and Hyde characters I pulled these out of my sketchbooks. They are about 2-3 years old. Many times I draw half faces when I'm exploring an idea. The Brute falls into the same category as the first always C&C's welcome.

Neat! Does your programm allow you to paint textures directly onto the 3D model?

You're having way to much fun with these !!!

I can see some very strong characters here. have you tried to create anything from any of your shadow drawings?


No. As far as I know only 3D paint does that. This model was built in Maya. The mesh was layed out in Photoshop and I'm using painter for the coloring. I prefer painter for the tools..thanks..when i get the test bump map on I'll post another pic.

I love post-apocalyptic worlds hence the backdrop for these 4...In light of the darker backdrop, I went with a lighter color...

I am working on one from the first set...I am having some issues getting the stroke a I want....I could have had it done if I had been using my colored pencils instead of digital, but I'm trying to get a solid workflow down. Also I am considering moving this body of work to Cg, since this forum is seriously lacking on activity...anyway, here's tonights work...

After looking at rach3's animation mentor stick figure sheet, I knew it was time to get a concept together for animating movements and expressions. I realized that what makes the AM lip sync character work so well is that it's extremely generic. That is...stick a wig on it and it looks female, shrink it and it becomes a child. In the case of the stick figure, it has a pleasing shape and fun to watch as it goes through it's paces. I want something like that. Here's my concept for Grommet. I have a few different helmet variations and moved the eyes lower from the brim to capitalize on expressions. Next up will be the concept for sound bites...crits welcome...and yea I still need alot of practice with digital color work, thought I'd give chrome a try....

I love the pirates....specially ole peg leg dude.


Here's what I'm working through now. Started yesterday morning, having 2 days off in a row. I have to muddle through some of it. Model sheet > Maya (for the base mesh) > Mudbox divided to level 1 (for sculpting). I can see that there were some missed area's around the brow (a difficult area) and there might be some issues with the tail (not shown, but I will push on and post my progress at the end of the day..Crits welcome as always, but it's a little early.

a short series of concepts showing a toon through 3 stages of his life. They are for a little forum comp over at threedy...

Wow! These silouettes show much improvement!

Keep up the good work!


So here I am at the end of the day...considering it's my first official complete mesh, I'm happy with the way it turned out. I don't think i built it correctly though as I had intended to fully animate it, but I should have stretched out the legs on the build. It should work out well as a painted static...crits welcome

4 textures
345k face count.

I'm also liking the silouettes. Keep it up

Neat! Pirates and crayons, you can never go wrong with that.

Cool characters! ^^^^^^^^^^


Put entirely to many hours into this stupid fish that is going to be about 1/2 inch tall and sitting in a fishbowl....Part of the scene in a comic strip I'm putting together...

Happy holidays Katana!

I have a question? what do the silloettes do for you? Call me stupid but I've never taken any sort of formal art classes and would like to know what this dose for an artist? is it just contrast drawing? I'm curious.


Hi Katana, thought I'd pop over to your gallery. There's some good drawing and character development here! My only crit is that some of your characters lean to one side, which is important for the setting up your image planes in 3D. It's nothing that can't be fixed in Photoshop, which I'm sure you do and we don't get to see :)

Anyway like I said, good drawings and I'm looking forward to seeing some of these modelled in 3D.

All the best,

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Claire O'

Thanks Claire, I think it has something to do with writing on a piece of paper without lines to yea I actually thought about this myself the other day. I don't set up guidelines when I am exploring a concept, but generally get tighter and neater when I work on a final...thanks again...:)

a concept for a herd animal called a Kabob. They are an intelligent species (this one being a boss). Digital over a color pencil base. The scans from the pencils weren't that good, but i liked them better. As always crits welcome. I was thinking of breaking up the over all orange scheme with a deep purple-blue pattern similar to the black and white cow.

Makes me think of the "fuzzles" as they appear in the Oddworld video games.

some illustrator work...started as a digital blueprint for a 3d cartoon vehicle at Threedy and I just kept going with it...

Thanks for the comments. The silhouettes started as an exercise much like an ink test. I set up some nice paper and started making a black brushed area. Not trying to make a character, but more like feeling my way through the shape. In game terms, most recently with Team Fortress 2, the silhoueete is a way for the player to immediatley identify the type of enemy or character on the screen in minimal lighting conditions. In my case I decided to make some interesting shapes, and then tweaked them to look like something. What do you see when you look at them? I would be willing to bet that everyone would draw them's fun and it's a very fast way to get some new stuff going...try it and see...Happy holidays everyone!

Like the helmet design. I also like when contrary shapes in characters form a whole, like the elongated face and the flat top of the skull with the matching helmet. Tried the guy with small pupils?

I really like him without a forhead!

Nice stuff hope you can post more......I'm anxious to see how this guy turns out.


Thanks. I'm back from Texas and had some time to get some revamps in. Also took a few minutes to work out an exercise with a flour bag (or chicken with his head cut off. The last is a series of thumbs I did while waiting in the airport. I actually am quite fond of ballpoint pen. I was able to acees the web and thought that Jabberwocky's suggestion about the eyes was a good one. Pulling the toon away from the cartoonish abstract look a bit. Also I added a bridge to the nose to go with the smaller eyes which were pushed back. I then was using my reference to come up with some plausable costume designs. Unfortunatley I have to solve a scanner problem (ie: buy a new one) so these were taken with a digital and run through PS to brighten/contrast. I think the Centurion would make a great character to go through an series of animation exercises in 3ds. Anyway, thanks for looking.

Gonna throw up my signature character Snoggle and A rabbit Gladiator. I have shown these around the web from time to time.

Hi. Nice work. I like the guy with no forehead in your first image. :)

Snoogle and the rabbit warrior are very cool. Look forward to seeing more.

That is some awesome pencil-coloring there!! Love that Snoggle character!
Keep on posting!

That is some awesome pencil-coloring there!! Love that Snoggle character!
Keep on posting!

Hey Thanks. Actually Snoggle is Acrylic and FW inks done with a range of 3/0 to 10/0 brushes. I did use a few lines of color pencil at the end to sharpen some lines, but that's about it. Snoggle is the first(finished) piece of a cast of seven called "Wisetails". The others are all drawn, but haven't gone to color. As my style has evolved over the years, I have to go back to those and rework them before I post the project. In the meantime, my intention is to continue to evolve the Centurion to a level of finish that rival's Snoggle and perhaps model him in 3ds. I think it would be much easier to just initially work with one toon from beginning to end, then to try to do a much larger project like Wisetails. Thanks.


Nice work! :D

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So I've got the ink on the final. I went with a larger eye,but smaller than the initial thumb. I also left off the embelishment details like engraving that would be on the chestplate and leg guards. redesigned the helm to look more full and stylish. I added hair to the brow to give the impression of space between the lack of a forehead and the skull. All in all i think it worked through pretty well. As I continue to explore this character in 3d, I'm going to switch gears over to my pet project. As always, critiques and comments welcome.